Capitol Protester Found Not Guilty… The Video of the Protest

“On April 29, 2010, activists Mitch Kahle and Kevin Hughes were assaulted by Ben Villaflor, the Senate Sergeant-At-Arms, and State Sheriff’s Deputies, for objecting to unconstitutional Christian prayers used to begin each session of the Hawaii State Legislature. Hughes was injured in the attack and was taken to the hospital for x-rays and treatment. Kahle was arrested and prosecuted, but was ultimately vindicated when Judge Leslie Hayashi found Kahle “NOT GUILTY” and ruled that: “The Senate’s [Christian] prayers violate the constitutional separation of church and state.”

(Arrest begins at 1:30)

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Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of State and Church

8 Responses

  1. To Hawaii Sheriff
    What the Sheriff did was illegal and every tried to prevent it from being videotaped because they wanted to hide it. All of those people should be arrested for assault on the cameraman and the sheriff should be removed from his job. He is now a lawman because he didn’t stick up for the law.

    I say fire him!

  2. Kahle wasn’t arrested because he exercised his freedom of speach. He was arrested because he was pushing and shoving people after we was led outside. You can see the Deputy who tackled Kahle to the ground because he was being disorderly. The prosecution will re-try this case.

  3. [...] Staff, Sheriff Deputies Face Civil Suit Posted on November 30, 2010 by Damon Yesterday I posted the video of Mitchell Kahle and Kevin Hughes getting arrested for free speech at the Hawaii State [...]

  4. It just baffles me that in 2010 there are still so many people clinging to these silly beliefs in gods. BTW, the Hawaii County Council frequently (always?) has these invocations at the beginning of their meetings…

  5. “Separation of Church and State” is a joke. Even the lawful currency of the US bears “In God We Trust” on it. It is patently illegal to offer any kind of prayer while doing the government’s business at any level. However, even at Hawaii County level of government Ms. Naole routinely broke this law with absolute impunity. More harm has been done in the name of religion than for any other reason.

  6. It is not enough that Mitch Kahle has been “vindicated” by being found not guilty in a court of law. The fact is, Mr. Kahle was forceably removed from a public forum on state grounds, and subsequently attacked.

    I join Surfer girl in encouraging him to sue Ben Villaflor and the state for violating his right to free speech. He should also press charges for assault. The bottom line is, he had just as much right to protest as a priest had to say a prayer. Clearly one event instigated the other.

  7. I hope they sue.

  8. Once again, RELIGION rears its ugly vile head.
    And in the name of religion, we falsely arrest a citizen operating under the clear definition of the laws of this country, while the governing body that is elected by the people to make the laws – sit and violate them – first with the utmost disgusting fallacy in religion, and then a thumb your nose attitude to the legally lawful objector.

    I bet the Sergeant-At-Arms goes to church every Sunday and prays to his god to give him the strength to “rough up” anybody who may object to the vile sick twisted mix of myths and fallacies called religion in any form of government.

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