School Bus Involved in Today’s Highway 130 Wreck

Well today a school bus and an SUV were involved in a wreck at the worst intersection in the State of Hawaii.

Highway 130 and the intersection at Pahoa Market Place is really on a lot of folks minds these days.

When school buses are getting in wrecks… you know we have a problem!

This was obviously a big collision because this SUV was totaled.

I just hope there weren’t any kids on the bus as this happened right about 3:45 in the afternoon when kids would have been on the bus.

Will this be the wake-up call needed to improve this intersection?

3 Responses

  1. hope nobody was hurt…that SUV is pretty smashed up

  2. very dangerous spot, when they first removed the merge lane they didn’t have the white poles up and no warning & I was almost in an accident

  3. Bus 1, SUV 0. Always bet on the bus*.

    * Advice not valid at railroad crossings.

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