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Six Days… 15 Stories… AND NO LEAKS!

Well our County Building still leaks after all this time and money that has been put into it …. yet the Chinese can build a  “…level 9 Earthquake-resistant, sound-proofed, thermal-insulated 15-story hotel in Changsha, complete with everything, from the cabling to three-pane windows…” IN SIX DAYS!


More Here: Chinese Build 15 Story Hotel in Six Days, Rest of Seventh

2 Responses

  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-11759276

    Here is a reason to avoid a building built in six days in China.

  2. Yes – the joys of China.

    No labor unions, no workers compensation rules, no discrimination rules, nothing to do with any form of human rights. I love the “foreman” and the bullhorn. Try that with the Teamsters Union!

    Yes – they may be able to build this in 6 days – but at what HUMAN cost?

    Maybe we should do what China does when the roof leaks in a new building. In China, they take the roofer out back – and execute him.

    Then they tell the new roofer brought in to fix it what happened to the old roofer.

    No work related injuries the story says. I can imagine no one gets hurt when the foreman says “anyone who gets hurt gets killed.”

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