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    November 2010
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A Shocking Death in Waikiki that I just Witnessed

I just gave my statements to the police on this shocking death that I just saw.

More to come tomorrow!

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12 Responses

  1. This is so tragic. Billy and I hung out with him a few days before this. The family will be in my prayers. He was an awesome, funny, guy!

  2. We are devastated at the loss of our beautiful cousin. This young man has a family who loves him very much and who are heartbroken by this tragedy. Please be respectful and keep the family in mind before posting detailed accounts of our loss. We are in California and this is unfortunately our source for information. Our sorrow cannot be expressed in words and we would appreciate your consideration. Thank you, say a little prayer for our boy….

    • I understand your loss… and trust me… I did not even come close to posting a detailed account. That detailed account will haunt me for the rest of my life and will stay with me or to those that personally want to know about it.

      • Sorry. I should say Thank you for your restraint. Many other people would not have shown him the dignity that you have.Please understand that we are really twisted into knots over this and very protective of him and we are just so, so sad.

  3. I understand that you feel the need to have this up to show that you witnessed the event. But this boy was close friend, we are ALL mourning him intensely. This is the ONLY news coverage that shows up on his death. Myself and others would appreciate if you took this down. And if you dont to please stop using such unprofessional and unsympathetic words as ” because of all the gore”. He is more then just a man you saw fall, he was part of many peoples lives.
    thank you

  4. We were there too and we have been trying to understand what we saw and how some shit like this happens. I was the on yelling to call 911. I am so sorry for your friends and family. He did go right away with no pain. I hope these kind of accidents never happen again. I have been trying to see anything in the news about this, has there been anything about it.

  5. This was my nephew, and he has a family that is devastated by this tragedy. I appreciate your restraint, please know there are brothers, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, a whole town that is trying to grasp and process this horrible situation.

  6. It was a 20 year old male. This is my friend’s little brother. I can not believe this happened. Please update me when you find out something new. I am in California (also where his family lives).
    Thank you.

    • I feel for your loss. If it makes you or the family feel any better… know that he did die instantly and hopefully painlessly and there was nothing that could have been done to save him.

  7. I actually saw you there last night (dressed as Frankenstein) I was literally 5 to 6 ft. way when I heard that really loud bang, I thought it was a gunshot but some people were saying that she jumped. Do you know what happened? Please let me know what you heard,

    • I don’t want to comment at this point as I’m still kind of in shock over the whole thing. I wasn’t dressed as Frankenstein… however, I did see “Frankenstein” also making comments to the police.

      I believe it was a guy and not a girl but I couldn’t tell because of all the gore.

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