I Got in a Wreck! Another Reason Why Senior Citizens Shouldn’t Be Driving

So less then five minutes after I passed this wreck on Highway 130… I got in a little fender bender myself!

I’m a firm believer that many senior citizens should not be driving on the roads and today I affirmed my belief when a senior citizen banged into my car today.

I was asked to move my car closer to the Pahoa Post Office back door to retrieve packages and as I was just almost around the corner… this older gentlemen between at least 70 and 90 years old started to back up.

I honked my horn several times trying to let “uncle” know that he was about to bang me and there was no place I could turn to avoid him and the next thing I know… I see him backing straight into my bumper!

I felt kind of sad for the gentlemen as I know he didn’t do it on purpose.  It doesn’t help that the gentleman had a handicap sticker to park in the handicap stall… HOWEVER, the STALL wasn’t available because it was being re-striped… AGAIN so he was parked illegally in a place that didn’t give him very good visibility when he was backing out as it was.

I’m just fortunate the gentleman had insurance and everything will be taken care of and thankfully no one got  injured.

But still yet… Senior Citizens should be tested every year for hearing, sight and DRIVING ABILITY.  Heck in some cases… some seniors should be tested every month!

With the new design of the parking lot at the Pahoa Post Office and the increased traffic along that road… I’m sure I’m not the last person that will be getting into a fender bender there.

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  1. tHe old guy moved so fast that you could not get out of the way.

  2. As a driving instructor, I feel that everyone needs training. How often do we just neglect to make absolutely certain that it is ok to back up? This example of the light contact at the post office could have been avoided if the driver going in reverse was certain it was clear, still clear, and Yep, still clear.

    Teach your loved ones to use their mirrors. Back into parking places or “pull through” a space to the next so you can drive straight out.

    As far as the title of this thread, page, post, what ever, I hardly consider this a “wreck” or a “fender bender”. This is a light scratch. No need for drama, pitch forks, or community action.

    I do agree that we need to make a greater effort to train EVERYONE how to be safer behind the wheel. Bad habits start when we are young. Years of being lucky just cement those bad habits so they are passed on to the next generation exposed to those bad habits.

    Nothing is going to change until everyone gets together to make the change.

    LOL. here on the mainland, bumper covers get abused. dont even bother repainting yours. It will be scratched again soon. Just touch it up and love it like it is.

    • I see a potential collision as someone who has spotted an empty parking space turns into it just as someone “pulling through” leaves it.

  3. well
    #1: you’re driving a focus, so your bumper must be scratched/dented like every other focus out there. Consider it a rite of passage.

    #2: rhino line your entire vehicle. You know…the bedliner stuff. Just rhino line the entire thing. There’s some guy who lives in Kaumana that did his truck like that. AWESOME!

    #3: Totally agree with you about them not driving, and I’d like to take it a bit further actually and say you should lose your status as an adult in your 70′s in the same way you gain it at 18. You are now a minor, in someone else’s care, and no…you can’t go to the pub and buy everyone rounds of drinks with your social security money. Calling them adults is just an easy way for the state to cop-out of having to help take care of the ones that need it because “hey, they’re adults, they can take care of themselves!”.

  4. I’m beginning to think that pretty soon it will be a problem to park your car if you are over a certain weight too. While parking at many malls I can barely get out of my car.

    Thank goodness I can just turn sideways. But what happens if the person I’ve parked next to comes back and he is overweight? Hmmm

    So down the road, it will be no seniors or overweight people who will be able to drive. But I do agree about seniors. I’m 65 and I do believe that my time will be soon as I just don’t feel as confident as I used to.

  5. While I do agree in a way, I wonder how we will feel when WE are their age???

    When both my parents retired and moved to Sun City AZ, I became concerned. About the both of them driving.

    Getting a call one day on how my mom found out she had cataracts – by not seeing the black car on the black street as it broadsided her – was one thing. No one hurt.

    When my dad backed over the neighbor lady – I put my foot down – and that was the end of BOTH of them driving!

    • Understood totally… and commenter “Su Tucker” is my mother and I’m sure at some point in time I will be restricting her from driving… right MOM?

  6. OUCH, your poor shiny car! I agree with you, that there should be testing after a certain age. However, Leslie is also correct, we need alternate transportation. AND car makers need to take into consideration that as more baby boomers start losing mobility, vision, as well as hearing, the manufacturers need to start building in more safety features in cars.

  7. Uncle will stop driving when he has an alternative. We need to give all seniors an alternative to driving themselves – they seem stubborn, but if it is convenient and keeps them connected to others… they will use it. And, Damon… this is where true Ohana has to kick in. Maybe a small grass roots effort? Like car pooling with older kids???

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