This is Hilarious! Idiots Get a Grip!

Someone pointed me to these comments on the following Hawaii Tribune Article:  Big Island Report

sacredgardens wrote on Oct 4, 2010 9:43 AM:

” ” I got it…..It took me some time……
but I got it………
JJSILVA = Clinton1 = alohvit = Damon Tucker
Hummm, Damon?
All One and the Same? “

In case this person hasn’t figured it out yet… I have my own blog… I don’t comment on the Tribune Heralds site… and if I did, I would be using my own name.

IDIOT’s… get a grip again!

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  1. I recently had a bout of someone assuming i was writing anonymously on the web…NOT my style…but its still frustrating to have people thinking that you’re saying something you’re not.

    I haven’t been anonymous on the web since hmmm…when yahoo voice chat first came out when I was around 19 and we would go to the yahoo chat fight rooms and start verbal fights. We weren’t the type to fight for real

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