Coming Soon: The Pahoa Office Plaza

Everyone is so worried about Woodland Center and the traffic problems that comes with new development, that I think folks are missing the bigger problem that may be coming to the Pahoa area when we think of traffic congestion… and that is the Pahoa Office Plaza that is now leasing spaces for a future “Plaza”.

Future site of the Pahoa Office Plaza

It doesn’t say when it’s gonna be built and they haven’t started clearing land yet.

But it does look like it’s gonna be a pretty big project right here in the heart of Pahoa Village.


Aaron Stene at The Kona Blog pointed me to what this project is… and what is was initially planned for.  It looks like they were going to move the Pahoa Cash and Carry there, but with the opening of Malama Market and market conditions, they changed the plan.  Now it is going to be office spaces and a restaraunt:

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