Wordless Wednesday – The Red Bull Media Pass and Signature Cards from the 2010 Cliff Diving Championships

I was honored to be given a media pass at the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championship World Series that ended in Hilo, Hawaii this year.  I realized that I took over 850 pictures of the event.  I wonder what the percentage of them had a Red Bull Logo in them?

So here is the “Media Pass” they gave me:

The staff of Red Bull had the same pass except it said Staff instead of Media

On the final day after the Cliff Divers had finished getting their awards they started giving out packs of cards for folks to get autographs of the divers that looked like this.

The top one is what it looked like on the front of the cards

I didn’t want to put the signature on these cards like everyone else… I wanted something a bit more memorable so I had them sign the back of my Media Pass!

I got all 12 divers to sign it!

I had a great weekend and I’ll never forget it.  I sure hope they make a decision to come back here again some day.

The Big Island very rarely gets events like these.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks Wayne!

    I’m amazed that you, writing for the Hawaii Tribune Herald sports department, didn’t have a “Media Pass” for this event!

    Had I known that you might have been interested in one… I think I could have swung one your way since you do write for the paper.

    This was a private event and I didn’t even see Mayor Kenoi around. Those that got to be involved in this should feel very honored that Red Bull invited us to cover this.

  2. Pretty Cool Damon!

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