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Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships (Day 1 Practice) – Hilo, Hawaii

FOR LARGE PICTURES… DOUBLE CLICK on the pictures. All pictures are free for the taking… I’m not a photographer… but if you do use these pictures… please link back to this site.

The 2010 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championships end in Hilo, Hawaii on Sunday, September 12.

Orlando Duque in perfect form leaps from the platform above Kaiwainui Waterfall

I got the chance to check out today’s practice and let me tell you that these guys are nuts!  I got dizzy just standing on the platform!

It is being held at Kaiwainui Falls, however, the event is not open to the public, however, KWXX is offering tickets through the radio station contests that are currently going on.

Today, the divers had their first of two days of practice before the actual event takes place on Sunday.

(L-R) Orlando Duque, Hassan Mouti and Kent De Mond talk about their practice jumps

I got to interview Orlando Duque who represents Colombia in this competition, however, he lives on Oahu over in Laie.

2009 World Champion Orlando Duque

Here is a short interview with Orlando Duque talking about the event:


The cliff divers were all super cool and easy to talk to and they all seemed super stoked to be in Hawaii!

The cliff divers all got rides back up the cliff

I was super stoked to get to ride in one of these vehicles with three of the crazy athletes.  I filmed the entire ride from the bottom of the cliff to the top of the cliff so I think you guys might enjoy this video:


I don’t know how these guys do it… I really felt like I had vertigo from the top of the cliff.

Orlando Duque looks over the lip of the platform

Frances Hassan Mouti cracked me up a bit but it was all serious when it was time for him to jump.

Hassan Mouti takes the plunge

Media from throughout the world was there today as I couldn’t understand half the words many folks were saying.

Hannah Daniels from the United Kingdoms at least spoke English as Hassan looks up at the leap he just did

Tonight there is a Luau that I will be attending shortly and tomorrow is more practice and then a “Draw Party” at Da Shack Restaurant to see what order the competitors will dive on the actual competition day.

You can click on any of the pictures below for a larger view.

6 Responses

  1. ALOHA
    I was very delighted with your blog, IT IS SIMPLY PERFECT PICTURE AND I AM LOVED THE PHOTOS.
    I am a crazy fan of cliff diving.
    I live in BRAZIL and my dream is to see a performance of Orlando Duque
    My sincere congratulations to you all
    and a big kiss

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