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Subpoenaed For Federal Court

So on Thursday I will be sitting in a Federal court room in HONOLULU.

All of this over a $25.00 trespassing ticket and a bunch of cops!

Now This is How You Catch a Fish

This one was sent to me by the folks at the Royal Kona Resort and was shot off South Point on the Big Island:


Where Are All of These Missing Teens!

Geez, I just looked at today’s police releases and noticed the following:

Missing teen: Thompson (update) 08-03-10

Missing teen: Santos (update) 08-03-10

Missing teen: Mepham (update) 08-03-10

Missing teen: Pacheco-Fernandez (update) 08-03-10

I sure hope these are all just “Runaway” cases.

Kona Brewing Company Purchased By Oregon Company

Craft Brewers Alliance Inc. said Tuesday that the company will acquire Kona Brewing Co., building on a long-standing relationship.

“After nine years of dating, we decided it was time to get married,” said Craft Brewers board chairman Kurt Widmer.

Portland-based Craft Brewers (NASDAQ: HOOK) will pay $13.9 million for Hawaii’s largest brewery, $6 million in cash and the balance in stock…

Craft Brewers Pays $13.9 for Kona Brewing