Who are the “Political Royal” in Hawaii?

The Washington Post is making a list of the “First Families” of each state in America. They are basically looking for the “Political Royal” from each state.

However, Hawaii has not had anyone submitted or nominated for this list. I can’t really think of a “family” per say that would dominate local politics statewide necessarily.

…We’re still collecting and sorting through all of the submissions but we still need the dominant political family from the following states: Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and Oregon…

Here on the Big Island, I guess the ties between Mayor Kenoi, Senator Hanohano and Councilwoman Naeole would constitute something to what they are looking for… but I know they are looking for more of a State family and not just a County family.

So who do folks consider the “Politically Royal” of Hawaii and do they even have power any more?

A “Suite” Deal at the Waikiki Joy Hotel

I had quite an exciting weekend last weekend and I just wanted to say thanks to the Aston Waikiki Joy Hotel for putting me up and giving me a great discount on the Kama’aina rate.

I walked into my room and I was blown away that I was given a suite that looked like this:

It had a huge flat screen TV in the living room with surround sound!

The room even had a full size kitchen with an actual fridge, freezer and microwave as well as a stove top!

I stayed there from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon and it was quite relaxing considering some of the wild stuff that I was doing in between things.  Every night I took a jacuzzi in my room!

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a hotel with an actual “sauna” like this:

The hotel has a cute little pool

The hotel is located in the heart of Waikiki off at 300 Lewers St.

I had a great stay there and I’d like to thank the hotel for giving me a great discount on the Kama’aina rate!

[googlemaps http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=aston+waikiki+joy&ie=UTF8&hq=aston+waikiki+joy&hnear=&radius=15000&ll=21.280687,-157.829225&spn=0.009117,0.013797&z=14&iwloc=A&cid=7636340027350416257&output=embed&w=425&h=350]