Another Highway 130 Wreck

Well it seems like I’m driving by a wreck about once every couple of days of late.

It looked to me as though the truck rear ended the white car.

The State does know this is a dangerous highway.  I’m waiting for someone to sue the State for the design of some of the intersections.

More Never Released Pictures of the Aftermath of the 1960 Hilo Tsunami

Charles Hansen has sent me more pictures of the aftermath of the 1960 Hilo Tsunami.

I’ve enclosed his thoughts of the events below the pictures:

Huge slabs of broken concrete litter the street.

These parking meters were bent toward the ocean, apparently from the backwash, as I walked by.

Young boys casually walk past the damaged Hilo Iron Works building possible unaware of the magnitude of what has happened.

A man stands not far from a large tree that was snapped like a toothpick some 15′ above the ground. The newspaper reported that many of the boat owners took to the open waters of the ocean to avoid being swept ashore.

This home apparently was torn from it’s foundation.

Huge boulders were strewn about the streets.

I’d like to say Mahalo to Mr. Hansen for sending these pictures.  I’ll be posting more over the next few days.