Blog For Fun or Blog For Profit… That’s An Easy One!

I’m reflecting on a statement someone said:

“…Unfortunately, without the carrot of furthering one’s POV, people won’t (nor shouldn’t) work for free. You and Tiff blog because you have an equity stake in your respective operations that you hope will be financially profitable in the future. Without that equity stake, people won’t work for free. Would a carpenter labor, without compensation, to build a house unless he could a) live in the house he build, or b) sell it at a profit in the future…”

Anyone that knows me… knows that I don’t blog for profit… nor have I ever intended to blog for profit.

If profit comes my way… I’m not gonna turn it down! :roll: Along those lines, I don’t blog for the trips and things I get… I blog because I like to blog.

If you create a “blog” to try and make profit… I really doubt it will work. If you blog… and then profit from it… more power to you.

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  1. I’m lucky to be a retired person who just does things in life that is fun. For me having a blog (thanks to Damon) is a great hobby.
    The more I do it the better I get and the better I get the more people that come and visit.

    thanks Damon!

  2. Who was it who said “Do what you love and the money will come”?

  3. I’ve gotten frustrated that I haven’t gotten compensated for the time I put in my blog at times. However, sometimes getting compensated is less important than trying to improve this place.

    It was about five years ago or so that I realized that writing letters to the editor were not cutting it. I was limited to one letter per month. There is so many problems here the latter limitation was confining. So. I decided to start to blog to help improve this place.

    • Why are you frustrated?

      Don’t blog if it bothers you and you feel the need to get compensated for what you are doing!

      Geez… Have fun… enjoy life and relax a bit.

      • Please read my comment again, especially this part:

        “However, sometimes getting compensated is less important than trying to improve this place. ”

        In addition, I don’t blog every day anymore. This has helped immensely alleviate any frustrations I’ve had.

        • I did read it!

          Aaron as you know we have had our differences and you are one of the persons that inspired me to blog.

          I’m glad that you have found a way to help alleviate your frustrations even if that means blogging less.

          I don’t understand why you would blog… If you become frustrated by doing it… but, so be it.

          Hope all is well and hope you can make the next Big Island Internet Society meet up on your side on August 14th.

  4. That’s exactly what happens with me (and you know that) – I blog because I love to blog – and when free trips and some ad revenue comes my way, then I am stoked!

    (Damon – Edited to correct URL)

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