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Hawaii Department of Public Works Spends $20,000 + on Website Hosting and Design Services

Jesus – talk about a waste of tax dollars!  Where is this website???

Contract Title:

Website Hosting and Design Services for Traffic Division and Flood Protection


Hawaii Information Consortium LLC



Contact Person:

Noelani Whittington

Phone No.:

808 961-8787

Add on top of that we, the public will have to pay a fee to this company each time we register our vehicles through them.

4 Responses

    • I thought somewhere down the line that government agencies were eligible for a free .gov extension.

      .com = company .edu = education .org = organization .gov = Government… etc.

      I could be wrong… but I think it’s a very poor use of our local talent to be giving these type of contracts to folks that aren’t even on this island.

      Why hasn’t the County hired someone w/ any internet or online experience just blows me… Are they afraid someone like you or me could take away 15 jobs because of our efficiency compared to their inefficiency?

  1. They are a Honolulu subsidiary of a national company.

    Pity they never made a Request For Proposal to Big Island Web professionals.

    Hawaii Information Consortium

    eHawaii.gov is the State of Hawaii’s initiative to provide state and local government information and services to businesses and local citizens via the Internet.

    The portal manager is the Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC. a Hawaii corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of eGovernment firm NIC Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV – News).Our sole focus is to develop, manage and maintain web-based applications that make working with the government easier for the public.

    • You would think that when the government spends our local tax dollars, they would at least look to a local company that could do something much better for less cost.

      The County is clueless about the internet and we as tax payers will continue to pay for their stupidity.

      If memory serves me correctly… sites registered with .gov are actually free.

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