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Bloggers Need to Protect Their Readers By Moderating Comments

I’m now dealing with another situation where a local blogger doesn’t want to moderate comments and yet they get spammers and folks that link crap onto their site just so they can collect data in their comment sections.

I’m sorry if folks are bothered that I filter and moderate my comments… but it’s just for these reasons that I do this.

Many folks don’t know how to identify a virus from a download from a “new program”!

Welcome to the world of social media.

I believe it’s the responsibility of a blogger to protect their readers from viruses and other bogus crap that gets through at times.

Another Highway 130 Wreck

Well at about 4:45 pm today, I drove pass this wreck at the intersection of Highway 130 and Orchidland Drive.

I’ve said it before… that I just don’t believe these are accidents.  This highway is poorly designed and the intersections make it a “deathway not a highway”.

I sure hope no one got hurt in this crash!