The Hawaii “Safety Check”

What’s the deal with Hawaii’s requirement of defacing your car with a damn sticker on it?

Everything that is needed should and can be acquired by DMV and Motor Vehicle Registration.

I myself know of folks banking off fake safety check stations.

One more bogus thing we have to pay in Hawaii because of lack of automation and knowledge of the basic thing called a COMPUTER!

Pau… For Nau

For those of you that know what I’ve been doing for the last few months… I can let you know that I’m “pau for nau”.

We have one more operation that will begin in July… after that operation… I’ll be “pau for gaud”.

It’s been a nice little gig of work… definitely interesting. Some of my co-workers have called this a “Sociology Experiment being done to see how far they can push people”.

I guess folks can push me pretty far before I break… as I’m just pau for now.