Red Bull Cliff Diving Series Ends in Hilo

Ok… so I’m very interested in where in Hilo they could stage a Red Bull Cliff Diving Series.

I believe Rainbow Falls is not even close to being high enough of a jump and I have heard from the grapevine that the cliff is on someones private property.

Anyone hear where this is gonna be at?

There is a Hawaii resident, Orlando Duque, that is competing in it right now!

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2010 grand final will take place in the land of the sport’s origin, Hawaii. The venue this time is Hilo – the largest town on the island of Hawaii, and the second largest settlement in the state. The town overlooks Hilo Bay, and is near to two shield volcanoes, Mauna Loa, considered active, and Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano upon which some of the best ground-based astronomical observatories are placed. A natural waterfall will be the scene where the 2010 winner is crowned.

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  1. I know where it’s gonna be… but I can’t state where it’s going to be as shuttles will only be available to the media and they want the divers to have practice w/out all the fanfare. I’ll be checking things out over the weekend and blogging about things as I can.

    • When might the public know of the location?

      • I’m sure the public will know of where it will be located soon enough. For now… let’s let the athletes practice in peace.

        I will say that the listed locations in this comment thread are incorrect though. :roll:

  2. I heard its going to be at 6 tons in Onomea. not too sure about this tho, there isnt much space for spectators and many have died jumping this waterfall so its not much more than a speculation I’ve heard this from a bunch of people tho…..

  3. Aloha Damon! Perhaps Kulaniapia Falls?

    It was the film site of the last Indiana Jones film so perhaps it is set-up to handle this type of event?

    • I think you maybe right… I just don’t know. Looking at the pictures on the site and the red bull site… I can’t tell.

      It’s on my Birthday so I’m definitely hoping to check it out!

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