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I Have a Very Bad Feeling in My Stomach Tonight

I’m not happy about the results of what happened today.  I can’t say too much.

I will say that I want to say mahalo to a guy that worked very hard for not only me… but then when we switched rolls… he worked hard for all of us here in the Puna District doing what he was doing.

I have a very bad feeling in my stomach tonight as I don’t like how “Shit rolls down hill”.

Many folks have worked very hard on this “Project” to benefit everyone in our community and I don’t like it when people are crapped on for attempting to do their best.

I was in his position for awhile and I’m glad I’m no longer in that position.  You can only love your community  so much before the pain exceeds the pleasure.

To folks that don’t understand this cryptic message… that’s fine… It’s not meant for you to read.

I love our community and will do anything for it… except land myself in jail.

Mike Hale Announces His Candidacy Against Senator Kokobun

Mike Hale working the sound board at the 2008 Pahoa Holiday Parade

Campaign Release:

“I felt compelled to let you know, personally, that I’ve entered the race for State Senate, District 2 which includes; Hilo, Pahoa, north to Hamakua and south to Naalehu.

My focus will be: Small Business and Environment

I’ve researched the current Senator’s record and found the ratings to be unacceptable. Please see ‘project vote smart’  http://www.votesmart.org/summary.php?can_id=54120

Those that know me, know of my dedication to the environment and special attention to small business’.

I have posted my resume’ on my page, www.michaelwhale.com ,where, you’ll also find some my perspectives and viewpoints.

I welcome your feedback and am open to discussion, as well as, new ideas.

Your support and/or donations will help make positive changes for us all!”

Mike Hale

Councilmember Greenwell’s 2010-2011 Budget Comments

From Councilmember Greenwells Office:

To understand the solution to fixing our budget woes, we must first accept that we can no longer think of government as a business. Government process is not based on the typical business model. In fact, government draws on an entirely different reason for being. Beyond the assurance of justice, public safety, and welfare, the responsibility of government is to ensure an economic setting wherein private business can succeed. While responsible accounting is certainly necessary, balancing the county budget, which has dominated our efforts for 6 months, is merely a part of the accounting process and cannot be considered as a required goal. Therefore, before we concern ourselves any further with what is really the Mayor’s budget, we need to focus on reviving our county’s business climate. In our present situation the only realistic way to do this is to enhance our financial situation. Since the level of government that creates money is federal, and since they have largely recognized that more cash is needed in the overall economy, and are providing it through the ARRA, we at county need to make the effort to obtain our share.

Our County’s share of the ARRA has presently been determined to exceed $500 million on a per capita basis but so far we have received only about 20% of that. To illustrate our reluctance to seek ARRA funding, had I not insisted that U.S. Representative Mazie Hirono research our eligibility to receive federal assistance in building the Ane Keohokalole Highway in Kona ($35 million) we might not have gotten it at all. Certainly it was secured by the Mayor and his staff who in a timely fashion met the requirements needed to qualify for the grant, but we as a county were content with Ms. Hirono’s rationale for why we couldn’t qualify until I challenged her thinking – and our thinking as well…

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