Bidet… Don’t Do It!

Oh my… I just tried the bidet in my hotel room.

I’ve never tried one before…

I didn’t like it! I must be doing something wrong… but I sure didn’t like it!

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  1. not everyone likes them, only about 98% do. Others like to have that odor with them all day long.
    do these 2 percenters shower?

  2. Actually, that’s a Toto, more than a bidet. A toto has many more options that just a bidet, which, for those who don’t know what it does, squirts water up and against the genitals to clean them after excreting waste. It’s interesting that in 3rd world countries there are much lower cases of diverticulitis because of squatting and have less toilets available. That natural squatting position is much healthier and eliminates the waste completely. If I owned a house I would use one.
    I think it’s interesting that no one talks about poop. It is a very good indicator of your health. I wish that diet books discussed it more.

  3. I have more of a question than a comment, but before I ask I think you had the water pressure up to high.

    I read all the time, people just like you try a bidet one time and say they don’t like it and I just wonder why. I have to admit that before I tried a bidet for the first time three years ago, I was a little apprehensive and yes it felt a little weird the first time I used it. But I decided to give it at least a few weeks. Now I could not imagine being without one and the idea of using toilet paper seams like such a bad idea to me now. Not only do I feel so much cleaner and healthier down there but my Big H went away and man what a dream that was.

    I think it’s kinda like beer the first time you drink it, it taste really bad but then you get used to it. So please tell me if something can improve your hygiene, health, confront level and save you money on toilet paper, why would you not give it another try?

    And what is really holding people back from using a bidet, men and women?

    I would love to hear your feed back and what you think or anyone else for that mater!

    Thanks for the post and looking forward to hearing from you,


  4. Thanks for doing the test. I’ve never had the courage to do it myself.

  5. Uh, “TMI,” Damon. Seriously.

    Please, tell me that you did NOT shoot video…

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