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Commentary – Alleged Child Abudctor Ahblaza Mayes Responds to Big Island Weekly Article

Editor’s Note: Someone sent this to me when they were searching Ahblaza’s name on google:

What does big island weekly have against…..

Fri Mar 5, 2010, 2:42 PM

“friendship beads? Well the article i read, involving me and the following story im about to put here had alot to say about it.

to keep this in mind, my journal titles “bad first hand” and my poem “my heart is a broken house” author comments were nabbed from my dA account along with my picture i have posted of me on here. this is my response to the Journalist who wrote the rather large article about me.:

“Since you have been taking from deviantart. and my face book. You got the journal of which has the majority of what I had said, and would have told you.

Obviously This case is being used to make a point. I gathered that as I read through the article yesterday. Why my PHOTO was needed, i am still curious. But I suppose I have been trying to name me as the bad guy. well let me fill you in.

As you know in the journal “BAD FIRST HAND” which is a refrence to expierance the bad, first hand. As a fellow writer. I’m sure you would know this.

As for my personal quote (which hasn’t been updated for some time) it’s called an “inside joke” I never thought it would be taken out of context for someone else’s personal usage. But now i suppose even the most innocent words can be used to put a black mark on someone, including me.

You made notice also of my poem “my heart is a broken house” which i might add, is a well written poem by me. Otherwise you posted within your article, the author comments from said poem. It is true that i believe that the girl I was dating Kristina Pinzari  (who I was with for 8 months, and lived with for some time as well) had broken me down by being an abusive partner – mostly emotionally, but at times physically as well.

But having *****, who was the one who introduced me to HER drug addict friends, lead me, and manipulating me, into thinking things and doing things, to get what SHE wanted from me, and in my own weakness it lead me to my arrest, and my jail time. This took whatever was left of my heart, not speaking souly in romantic terms here. But on an emotional level you can have your heart torn out by anyone who is close to you whether it’s platonic friendship or romantic friendship. I did not realize i would have to be so SPECIFIC. when I was merely explaining how i felt when the poem was written. i suppose you may or may not have read some of my poetry. Well it’s called writing from the heart… and when all you have left is disaster, so it comes out in words.

Now then, I do not see why you can use quotes from my DeviantArt Web Page, which doesn’t plainly state my actual name. but you can not use an e-mail from me. Either way the statements could be from a 3rd party and not particular myself. But they are indeed from me. Actually I was glad to see I got to have my opinions in the article. Thank you for that. However, here is my statement for you if you will be doing a follow up that You MAY use.

and I quote…

” Back around the fair time of the year, I believe that was august or september. My friend ***** ***** (age 17), was hit by a dodge ram truck. This was in the paper. She spent a two weeks in Oahu, first in cirtical care, then in rehabilitation for her legs. During this time I was comforting ******, ***** younger sister. I promised to take ****** to the fair because she always went with her sister, every year. But this year **** could not go. So I did. After ****** had left, and We went our seperate ways, i left to later get a call from ****** ******* (age 17, almost 18 this year), who also goes by ****, ****, ****. She had asked me to come to the fair to hang with her, because she was meeting her friend there who was getting off work. **** and i had known one another through my ex-girlfriend Kristina Pinzari (age 23) who usually goes by Raven. We had been hanging out (*****  and i) because I had been trying to convince her to stop ditching school, Rey-nelson Martin (age 21), was also trying to help me convince her that graduating high school is important. But that is how she and I had begun to hang out more regularly. As I met up with ***** at the fair, we quickly made our way across the fair to meet up with *****.  ***** and ****** were talking about how HIGH they were on molly. Which they told me was a synthetic Ecstasy. I had never heard of it before then. So this was all new to me. We went to ******* house (we being ****m *****, and i) and I was introduced to her mother brenda olcott. She was nice, and we went (the 3 of us) to ***** bedroom, where *****  pulled a bottle of vodka out from under the bed, and *****  said ‘don’t i don’t want my mom drinking with us again, last time she kept hitting on you.’ she was saying this to ***** . I sat quietly, not particularly KNOWING what was going on. I left about an hour later and went home. The next couple days I didn’t hear from ****** , and I was in the middle of moving into my friend Rodney’s (age 30) because I wanted to be closer to ***** and her family so that i would be able to help with ***** while she was rehabilitating. About a week past and there was a party in the apartment complex and I met Nick McAndrew (age 19) who was with ***** at this party (which is how the 3 of us became friends) this party was the start of my dark journey. I would also like to state before I go on THAT I personally have never done any drug other than 4MMC (commonly known on the big island as Cindy, 4 milli meters of crazy, and happy meth or plant food.) I had also done acid and xanax. But I have NEVER touched meth, coke, or anything else. My mother was a raging meth addict, and it scares me half to death.  *******  had showed up at this part, of which i was already drunk – and losing my grip – things were very blurry. I went over to Kyle’s (age 27) apartment where he and ****** (age 17) had convinced me to snort a line of Xanax. I agreed, mainly because *****  and almost everyone else at the party were in *****  room Smoking ICE (aka Meth) and this made me distraught to say the least. The next four hours after i snorted that very small line of Xanax, i simply do not remember. I frankly remember waking up around 3am on the couch with nick in front of me asking if i was ok. This was the moment ***** made me feel like I could trust him, little did I know how wrong I was. But I’ll get to that. I was crying because several people I cared about were in ******  room smoking meth. He comforted me, and then we all drove out to 7-11 (after i yelled at everyone for being psycho druggies, which everyone brushed off and told me i was just coming down off xanax. -which I might add I don’t even like taking tylenol…so I don’t remember how or why I was acting so stupidly. I was a complete straight edge 19 year old girl before this moment.) I got my red bull and we went back to the apartment.

This party was the beginning of a long trail of everyday parties, but the day after i remember being woken up by Nick Mcandrew to come with him to Kyle’s apartment because he had something that i was going to love. I realize looking back now that this was the worst mistake of my life up to this point. I followed and when we got there Nick started cutting lines of something he called “4MMC” Which another drug I had NEVER heard of. I did the line he’d cut for me and at first I felt nothing, but seconds later i was spinning in the room filled with techno music, black lights, strobe lights, and colors. When you look at the world around you as a normal sober person would, you see things for what they are. But when you look at things on 4MMC you see more color, more detail, more relavence. Everything “seems better” but really it’s just the fact that 4MMC is activating the little trigger in your brain that says “YOUR IN LOVE!” but really it’s just an overload of hormones being released. Of course everything is moving faster, your heart, your thoughts, everything. It’s not the easiest thing to remember afterwards either, because like most drugs it kills your brain cells, starting with your memory cells.

The next month or so I can barely recall going to work though i know that I did. I didn’t sleep much, i lost to much weight, and I partied more than any person should ever do. ******, ***** , Nick, and I and a few other characters (being so -called friends) were in the mix. nearly 24-7. Things quickly got OUT OF HAND. I was losing my grip on reality, and my grip on my sanity.

i was fired from my job at the Ginger Patch market & deli, because and I have paper work stating this from the unemployment office, that states that i was fired because my “friend” rodney parked his car in front of my work, while i was on the clock, I had asked him to move his car, but he had refused. so i didn’t further go into it. The next two days I returned to work and was told that i had been fired – because of this. I can not control what other people do, regardless of what people may accuse me of. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink.

This was october 31st 2009. Halloween night. I felt terrible, and cried for an hour afterwards because i was upset that i had been fired. naturally i was. But we went to Lee’s (age 30 something) to his costume party.

There was a million drugs, and a million people at this party – and *****  was not one of them, she was in Oahu with her mother. the following day there was another party. as well. I had not done any drugs at all in the last day, because we didn’t have anything other than Meth – and i REFUSED (though rodney, nick, ***** , and several others tried to persuade me) to touch it.

The next day we were at rainbow falls – and I was coming down so hard off of 4MMC that I did in fact almost kill myself. I had been determined to jump off of rainbow falls. But I now realize this had been the drugs talking. Rodney stopped me and we all went back home to sleep.

That night ******  mother called me looking for *****, I told her she was not with me.  But *******  had come to me that night asking for me to help her. She told me that her mother and grandfather were threatening to send her to military camp, or to the mainland to her father who was a major herione addict. I told ****** she should go home, but she continued to tell Nick and I that her mother was abusive, and that her mother smoked meth, that in fact she had smoked meth with her mother.

I was a fool – but I’m a sucker (or i use to be) for a sob story. nick and i agreed to help her. But we were constantly trying to get her to call and contact her mother, she had constantly refused. aside from once when she had texted her mother from *******  (a random friend of ours who I hardly know) phone. then again a day later from a pay phone by the school in pepekeaau (excuse my poor spelling).

She had every intention of NEVER going home, that’s what she told Nick,*****, and I. So She had Nick McAndrew dye and cut her hair, and borrowed some of ***** *******clothes.
trying to hide herself from anyone who was looking for her.

She had convinced Nick and I too talk to her mom, even go to the house, to make it look like we did not know where she was or who she was with. But this seemily backfired in my face. and almost in Nicks.

I was the only one however that charges were pressed against. I was told they were by brenda olcott. which seemed strange to me that custodial interferance charges would come from her (granted she’s the mother of ****** olcott) but several times they kept repeated that ****** was in the custody of the grandfather and not the mother. Though most people don’t bring this fact into play! Which has always continued to seem odd to me.

As public records show I was placed under arrest and spent 16 days in jail and charged with a year probation and 44 stayed days, under the judges ruling. with only TWO special requirments. not to break the law, and to stay away from brenda olcott’s children for the entire time of my probation.

I can state that coming down from hardcore drugs in jail IS NOT FUN! in fact it hurts alot. and jail is not entertaining either, it’s not a vacation either. it’s so far from reality it’s almost hard to believe.
In my abscence however my 1990 Nissan Sentra was abused by Nick mcAndrew and ****** , and there friends. it came back to me with a broken timing chain cover, and 3 new dents. and covered in spray paint.

I have not heard from ****** ,I do not try to find her, and i will not try to. She’s the last person i want to see. i don’t like being used. and that’s all she did was use me.
and *****  and Nick only used me as well, and I do not hang out with these people. I have watched even now as Nick corrupts and slowly pulls people into doing drugs with him, like he, ****, and ***** had done to me. I constantly warn people. and It worries me as well.

but there is nothing i can do further than that. as I had said before, if someone is offering someone 4MMC or any other drug i strongly advise that they run away! Tell these druggies offering this “plant food” to you to go away!!! Like I said…care enough about yourself to not get pulled into this world, and if it happens like it did to me, be strong enough to pull yourself out of it.

this is my story, this is what happened – not in intensive detail, but i would say it’s detailed enough. But this is what i told the police, this is the truth, and there is not much else i can say. and YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS IN WHOLE!”
-Ahblaza mayes

So now you have my story.
Don’t judge a book by the cover someone else decorated it with…open it up and realize what the pages have to say.”

I’m posting this here for those who feel the need to google me and paw through my online public files.

You who know me, and love me, should know I’m better than what they accuse me of.

and I am being accused of abducting people (young girls) gettting them into drugs, changing their personality and appearances, and then shipping them off the island to be prostituted out. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

We all know I would never do anything like that, besides wouldn’t I have money from this? But i don’t do it therefore NO MONEY! we all know I’m a broke mutha f***a

PS: with love,

Blessed Be.


6 Responses

  1. The girl who went missing became a good friend of mine after the whole incident, and neither of these stories are true. No one in this situation is a victim, everyone had a part in it and both girls had more then enough consequences. The original news story is really naive, and this one is just biased.

  2. I just think it’s funny that she thinks she’s a good writer.

    I actually know this girl, and she’s just as neurotic as everyone else in that little click. Seriously, she’s not as hardxcore druggie as people have made her out to be; or as SHE’s made herself out to be. They’re just dumb little kids messing around. This whole drug-use thing got super out of hand. We’re talking about alleged child abduction, not the “millions” of drugs you’ve surrounded yourself with. I get that you’re worried that no one will understand you out of context, but seriously… grow up.

    She could have handled the situation better, hands down, no questions asked. What’s interesting to me, though, is that her response to the article could have changed everyone’s understanding of her role in this with acceptance and explanations. Instead, she’s further antagonized herself with bad grammar, a condescending tone, and excuses. (Not that my grammar’s perfect, but it would have made all the difference in her response, don’t you think?)

    @HomesteadGuy – You gotta know that it’s not only haoles doing that crap. I think all the blame lies with the individual and not with any generalized group of people. Just sayin. And your children are going to have to face the dangers, choices, and consequences of drug-use no matter where they live. I’m Hawaiian all the way, but blaming a whole country (that we just so happen to be a part of, like it or not :( ) just seems like wasted energy and unneeded hatred. No offense intended.

    – Smile

    P.S. I’m not Kristina. I just dislike that you’ve included her name out of spite.

    • thanks smiles i am not as she says i am i took care of her i bussed my ass for her i never asked her to do anything she did not want to do i did love her before all of this crap i had a hard life am i not allowed to be happy i was so fooled i asked her once would you marry me love i felt happy with her and boy i was wrong i will never surport any of my girlfriends ever again after this she thinks i owe her everything but no she owes me for all the pain i feel

  3. I urge everyone who read this crap to NOT BE FOOLED! Alot of half-truths and outright lies have been told here to justifiy her actions.
    If you want to destroy your life with drugs, go right ahead, but DO NOT for one moment pretend you’re innocent. And just for the record, the underage girl you claim to have so fiercely tried to protect from her mother, is 15, not 17. Furthermore, YOU are an adult. Instead of making up stories to cover your own behind, perhaps you should have done what any responsible adult would have done and called her mother, then taken that under-aged girl straight back home. And if you honestly thought that what she said about her mother’s “supposed” drug use was true, then you should have called the authorities to report it. Instead you chose to believe a minor child and took matters into your own hands, and now you want to complain that you’re being judged unfairly?? Give me a break!
    By your own words, even your friends have abandoned you over this.
    If anyone has been treated “unfairly” in this whole mess, it’s that girl’s mother. You got LESS than what you truly deserve, and I personally think your sentence was a joke. Use this opportunity to get your **** together to become a better human being instead of blaming everyone else except yourself.

  4. TRASH. Why the “mainland” U.S. and it’s occupants feel the need to come to our HI and pollute it’s people and culture thru these use Drug Heads who drain our economic resources with pride (i.e. “(Yeah I’m collecting unemployment… Go ahead confront me, i have paper work stating that as fact from the state of hawaii.) I can not understand. Please go live your Drug inducted lifestyle in someone elses backyard, not ours. AZ is a beautiful place, why not go do your 4MMC there? I don’t want my kids to grow up with “friends” who try to “help” like THAT. This chic needs more time in jail/rehab to further understand the repercussions of her actions…wake up!

  5. This is the biggest bunch of bull I’ve ever read! Guess it’ true that drugs warp the mind and reality!

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