A Message to Governor Candidate John Carroll… Don’t Mess With Me!

Dear Governor Candidate John Carroll,

I would appreciate if you would quit having your campaign hauncho’s harassing me about a post I made on my blog (back in October less yet).

I have now received TWO phone calls on separate days by Mark Piscioneri as well as emails from him asking me to remove something he has no clue about.

Would you like me to bring it to the forefront of my blog again?

Damon Tucker

(P.S.  I have saved the emails in case you try to intimidate me any further)

2 Responses

  1. Good to know who NOT to vote for!

  2. Sorry about what you’re going through, yet welcome to the club, Damon. That Piscioneri guy talked my ear off for three hours just the other day, telling me that I have no 1st amendment constitutional rights to tell the truth about his candidate, John Carroll, or his lawbreaking campaign. Now they’ve hired a lawyer who’s been gunning for me and making the same asinine argument that my releasing of internal e-mails which document the lawbreaking (on my site http://www.citizensforcarroll.com) in the context of my pending complaint to the Campaign Spending Commission is “defamatory”. It seems that they’ve finally figured out that several of them (including the candidate) could go to jail for Class C Felonies due to filing frauduent campaign finance reports. It’s a shame that their pattern of harassment (modeled on their pattern of disrespect for laws requiring transparency) affects 3rd parties like you.

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