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12/13/10 *UPDATE* This tour has now been canceled due to safety concerns for more information about the new Ziplines that KapohoKine will be opening see here: KapohoKine to Build New Zipline Course… Ends Affiliation with Umauma Ziplines Due to Safety Concerns.


How cool is this, when I went Ziplining at the Umauma Falls Zipline Experience, I had a great chance to meet with a great group of writers from all over the place.

(L-R) Margaret Kearns, Ellen H. Parlapiano, Albert Rodriguez, Sami Ewers, Deston Nokes and John Fischer watch as I make awa or kava for them.

It was good fun spending a few days with these guys on the Big Island Media Tour sponsored by the Big Island Visitors Bureau.

John Fischer is the Hawaii Travel Writer for and he’s been blogging about things in Hawaii since 1997.

Little did I know that John would actually show a picture of me in one of their posts that gets read around the world in his recent post The Umauma Falls Zipline Experience Photo Gallery.  The Picture of me is actually on page 2 and you need to click it to make it larger.

Just wanted to say it was great meeting you and look forward to your other posts.  Mahalo for showing a picture of me!

That picture is actually one of my favorites that has been taken of me in a long time!

Just a reminder folks… the Umauma Falls Zipline Experience are not the same ziplines that are at the World Botanical Gardens.  They are completely different although located fairly close to the World Botanical Gardens.

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  1. If you liked that zip you should really try Zip Isle Zip Line Adventure at World Botanical Gardens through the rain forest!

    • I did get to try the WBG Zip Isle adventure on Saturday. I honestly feel that the Umauma Falls one run by KapohoKine Adventures ones are much more fun as you literally fly along rivers and not just over them. I will be blogging about both spots again soon. The Zip Isle one is more like a “Bunny Hill” compared to the Umauma ones… although the Umauma ones haven’t officially opened.

      I did hear a little birdie mention that they will be opening all 8 Ziplines soon at Umauma and also opening up to the public officially soon.

      I’m just happy to see more and more activities for folks to do.

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