Google Street View Coming to the Big Island… Google Car Here Now!

Picture of a Google Street View Car courtesy of Wikipedia

Whoo Hoo!!! It’s on the Big Island!

I just read on Facebook by Big Island on the Cheap columnist Leslie Lang that the Google Street View car is on the Big Island.

Leslie writes:

Just saw Google car with enormous camera mounted on top drive up Kanoelehua Ave in Hilo. Google Maps, here we come.

Google Street View premiered in Hawaii last year, and even got a shot of Oahu blogger Ian Lind’s driveway.

I wonder if the car will make it’s way out to Pahoa!  I would imagine if it could drive all the way down to the lava viewing area it could get some incredible shots for it’s viewers!

14 Responses

  1. No HPP for some reason : (

  2. It’s up as of today! Really slow…must be a bunch of peeps hittin it. Plus I have google earth pro, so not sure if it’s on the regular version yet.

  3. still wondering what’s taking them so long…politics my guess. Probably trying to extort money from the tourism board (or visa versa).

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