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OHA to Inform the Public About the ‘Akaka Bill’ Via Two LIVE Television Specials

Media Release:

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs will present a series of two live television specials beginning this week to inform the public about the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act of 2009.

Also known as the “Akaka Bill,” for its sponsor U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, this important piece of legislation is now before the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

“The Office of Hawaiian Affairs has long been in the forefront of supporting a measure that provides a process of federal recognition to Native Hawaiians and OHA will continue that role in support of the Akaka Bill,” OHA Chief Executive Officer Clyde Nämu‘o said.

“This is a complicated bill. We want to help both Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike understand what this bill means, answer people’s questions, and help everyone prepare for what we believe will be successful passage of this landmark legislation,” he added. “OHA stands ready to work with our Hawai‘i Congressional Delegation, the Obama Administration, the State of Hawai ‘i and our Hawaiian community. We appreciate the collective efforts and we look forward to the passage of this long overdue legislation. We are hopeful that the final version of the bill will be one that all parties can move forward with.”

OHA will produce two live television specials with community members and legal experts as panelists.

The first show, which will air on Thursday, January 7, at 8 p.m. on KITV, will feature community leaders as panelists including:

·      Lilikalä Kame‘eleihiwa, Professor with the University of Hawai ‘i Kamaküokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies.

·      Michael Kahikina, Legislative Chair with Sovereign Councils of Hawaiian Homelands Assembly.

·      Robin Danner, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement.

·      Bruss Keppeler, member of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.

The second show will broadcast on Thursday, January 14, at 7 p.m. on KITV and will feature the legal implications of the bill before a panel of legal experts.  Both shows will also be streamed live on

“We encourage the public to email their questions now to  Viewers will also be able to call in their questions on the nights of the shows.  We urge everyone to tune in. This will be an opportunity for the community to learn about legislation that has the potential to positively advance the lives of both Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike,” Nämu‘o said.

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The County’s Lawsuit Against UniDev is Returned to State Court

From the Desk of Lincoln Ashida:

On December 24, 2009, the United States Federal District Court for the District of Hawai‘i entered an order recommending the County of Hawai‘i’s lawsuit filed against the developer of the Waikoloa Housing Project be returned (remanded) to the state court.  The County had made this request of the federal court after the developer, UniDev, had removed (transferred) the case to federal court.  Defendants in lawsuits often try to “remove” the case from state to federal court, since they attempt to avoid the jurisdiction and rules of the state court, which they generally believe are not favorable to them.

Earlier this year on July 1, 2009, the County filed this lawsuit against UniDev, alleging UniDev made false claims for payment against the County, intentionally made numerous false representations and provided false documentation that induced the County to provide funding for the workforce housing, and failed to obtain prior approval before entering into various consultant contracts.

The federal court also recommended the County’s request for attorney’s fees and costs in bringing this action to remand also be granted, finding that UniDev’s arguments for removal were “objectively unreasonable.”

The County of Hawai‘i is being represented by Assistant Corporation Counsel Katherine A. Garson and Deputy Corporation Counsel Laureen Martin.  Both attorneys are experienced litigators and members of our Fraud Division.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the above, please contact me at, or via telephone at (808) 961-8304, extension 118.  This message was posted on December 24, 2009, at 1:30 p.m.

P.S. I missed this while I went away somehow!

On the Plane Passenger Video of the Guy Getting Removed from Yesterday’s Hawaiian Airlines Flight

Click here to view a video of the idiot that got “unruly” and made the Hawaiian Airlines plane fly back to Portland yesterday.

Introducing the ahaBlog

For those of you that visit the folks on my Blogroll(s) on the right hand side, you will know that I only put the blogs that I feel are really compelling to me on there… as well as the fact that they are damn good bloggers.

The Poor Turtle That Started It All

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the “ahaBlog” a personal blog by Jasmine Guevara over on Oahu. You can learn more about her in the about section of her site.

I had the chance to meet Jasmine on one of my recent sponsored trips to Oahu and all I can say is that she is someone to watch for in the years to come in the social media world.

I welcome Jasmine to my blogroll and it will be another part of my daily reads.

Mr. Aloha Friday

OK so I just ran across this guy that has put out videos each of the last few Fridays.  This was last Friday’s video… I’ll post his Friday videos as long as they remain somewhat entertaining.

I’ve never met the dude… but it cracked me up a bit.


To see his previous Aloha Friday Videos view them here:

The video that is posted above is his most recent one… and I’ll assume he will be posting one tomorrow.

Like I said… I’m not sure how long I’ll be running these on Fridays.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Meet Japan Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada in Hawaii next Tuesday

Japan Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet with Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada in Hawaii next Tuesday, the State Department announced Thursday.

The meeting is expected to focus on a dispute over relocating a U.S. airbase in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture.

Clinton will stop in Hawaii on her way to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea on a nine-day trip to the Pacific region…

More Here: Clinton to meet Okada in Hawaii…