East Hawaii Supervisor for the 2010 Census?

I mentioned a while back that I was in contention for a Census Supervisor position.

Well today, nearly six months after I took the Census Supervisor test, I got a call back telling me that I was selected to be trained on Oahu for the position.

If I get the position after training, I will be in charge of the crew leaders that are doing the actual census work here on the Big Island … so this will be a big relief compared to actually going out in the field like I did before.

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  1. Good news. What was your score on the supervisor test. I took it once and passed with an 80, but I will take it again next week in hopes of a better score.

    Damon – I only missed one question and got the rest correct.

  2. Awesome! Best of luck and Happy New Year!

  3. Congratulations Damon! MW

  4. That is great for you Damon!

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