It’s Official… Dr. James Weatherford is a Candidate for District 5 (At Least Online)

I just noticed over at Dr. James Weatherford’s Blog that it looks like he has switched from James Weatherford, community blogger… to Dr. James Weatherford candidate for District 5 County Council Seat.

I’ve enjoyed reading his blog, but unfortunately the FBI Blogs has a strict policy that it will not have any actual candidates on the site.

I do suggest everyone to check out his site when you get a chance and I wish Dr. Weatherford the best of luck in his run for County Council.

If your not elected and continue to blog… I will have no problem putting your blog back on the FBI Site.

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1966 Yap and the Outer Islands… A Photo Journal

In the next week I will be publishing the pictures and excerpts from my mom and my uncles if I can get them to tell their story as well.


In 1961, my mother, Su Rowe Tucker, moved to Pahala, on the Big Island where her father and mother (My Grandparents) Dr. P.E. (Ted) Rowe and Elizabeth (Betty) Rowe were the Physician/Surgeon for the private Pahala Hospital run by C. Brewer Corp.

In 1965, Dr. Rowe (my grandfather) was hired for two years by the US Federal Government to run the Yap Hospital from 1965 to 1967.  In 1966, my mom and my two uncles, Bob and Mike Rowe, went to visit them in Yap.

My Uncle in the back and my mom the white lady enjoy a “Kodak Moment” (© Damon Tucker)

A Chief (© Damon Tucker)

House on the Water (© Damon Tucker)