A Two Newspaper Day? And Even Mayor Kenoi Can’t Get High Speed Internet

I have finally gotten a chance to read both Nancy Cook Lauer, of the West Hawaii Tribune, and Peter Sur, of the Hawaii Tribune, articles today on Mayor Kenoi’s press conference that he held yesterday and all I can say is it sure seems they have two completely different spin on things.

I just wanted to say one thing in regards to the West Hawaii’s Tribune statement of:

…As someone new to public office, Kenoi, 41, has had his issues about being in the public spotlight and dealing with the press. Even West Hawaii Today’s attempts to sit down with him to discuss his first year in office were met with two weeks of stonewalling and cancellations, before he decided instead to go with a formal behind-the-podium press conference format instead of a one-on-one interview

I think this is a pretty harsh statement. I attended this Press Conference and that was as close to one on one as anyone could ask. In fact the email announcing the Press Conference only went out maybe 5-6 hours before it was held.

I would hardly call it “Formal” other then the fact that he tried not to stray away away from what he previously intended on talking about and I’m pretty sure he would have stepped away from the podium and  just sat down and talked with us.

The layout of that room and because the amount of people that could have come… justified the podium.  I really doubt he needed it and probably would have loved to get off his feet anyhow.

There were in fact only two “paid journalist” in that tiny room, and the other two people were Dave Corrigan of Big Island Video News and myself and Mayor Kenoi gave us ample time to ask him any questions that any of us wanted to ask him.

The other folks in the room were about 5-7 of his staff, however, there was no attempt to stifle any conversation between any of us.

It’s good that we have two newspapers in town, but it’s becoming more and more apparent, that the news isn’t always telling the news the way it is.

You can view a video of the first few minutes and last few minutes of this press conference here.

I will reiterate that Mayor Kenoi gave us all multiple chances to ask him anything we wanted… Of course I got tongue tied.

I did find out one thing though… Mayor Kenoi doesn’t even have High Speed Internet at his house because the infrastructure isn’t in place for it.

I’m pretty sure Big Island Video News will be posting footage that he also took of the press conference as well.

Mayor Kenoi – “Key Accomplishments in Our First Year”

Media Release:

“I wanted to take a few minutes today to thank our County of Hawai’i residents for the honor and opportunity to serve as mayor of the most beautiful, diverse and fascinating island on the planet. At the close of my first year in office, I am proud of the accomplishments of my team, and I am ready for the challenges ahead. Above all, I owe you all thanks for your support and confidence in my team and myself.

We all know these are challenging times, but this community will come out of this difficult period stronger, more united and more resourceful than when we started. Today, I want to repeat my promise to you that I will listen and be open to the diverse voices and points of view that seek to guide our present and direct our future. I thank all of you for the enthusiastic turnout at the 23 talk-story sessions with my cabinet and myself in cafeterias and meeting halls across the County during my first year as mayor. We called those meetings to help connect our residents with your County government…”

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Today!!! Monthly Big Island Meet and Greet

Just wanted to remind everyone that today is another one of our Big Island Internet Society Meet and Greets.

Just a reminder so you don’t forget like I did at the last moment for our last meet and greet… please bring two canned goods to help the local food bank.

During this holiday season, it’s always good to think about those less fortunate then ourselves.

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So even if you haven’t signed up… and even if you aren’t on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, or whatever happens to pop up tomorrow… If you are interested in the internet at all… come on down and talk story with a few of us.

Today’s tentative schedule… which always seems to flip and flop as we start to talk and conversations drift… but so be it… were not hypocritical of anyone… except me… LOL!

1:00 – 1:15 Arrive and get settled in

1:15 – 1:45 Guest speaker will share with us the revival of Hawaiian Language here on the islands.

1:45 – 2:00 Short Break, Grab some food and drink

2:00 – 2:45 Introductions. Get to know a little more about everyone.

2:45 – 3:15 Q&A about blogging, social networks and all things internet … Talk story with friends, surf the web and enjoy another great day on the big island.

Mayor Kenoi… One Year in Office

Mayor Kenoi has been in office for over a year now and yesterday he had a small press conference to announce his “Key Accomplishments in Our First Year” as our mayor to the media.


Mayor Kenoi Concludes the Press Conference:


Unfortunately for me… I have 14 minutes of footage that I need to break down into a youtubable format as I forgot that youtube only takes 10 minute videos at a time.

I’ll post the entire press release tomorrow or you can check the county’s website.