Blogger In Paradise… I Wish!

Well once again Community Connect has featured me as a “Blogger In Paradise”.

I feel strange to be honored in such a way… considering I’ve only been blogging for a short time compared to many folks that have blogged.

Is this a reflection of the turning attitude towards bloggers and information received here in Hawaii?

I mean folks on the mainland have been giving up newspapers for a long time now.

Do blogs provide the online archive systems that newspapers have been trying to profit off for a long time?

I understand that paying for a good well written article every once in a while might be worth it… but please newspapers… realize the profit model you are trying to attack, makes it difficult for the general readership of all and  spoils it for most of us when we can’t access “archived”  links that you need to pay a few bucks to get access to.

I won’t pay for old news… when I can find it other places.

Besides, there are very easy ways to bypass and see what you folks are trying to make us pay for.

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  1. IMHO, I prefer reading blogs over newspapers. When reading news articles, I associate the content with the newspaper (thing). When reading a blog post, I associate the content with the actual blogger (person). At the end of the day, I give more weight to information that is said by a person whom I trust. Plus, blogs just have more personality and flair (though I do not want to generalize).

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