*Update* Would You Pay $2.00 Per Trash Bag at Transfer Stations… The Poll


As of  9:00 this evening here is the current results:

Yes 15% (8 votes)
No 81% (43 votes)
Other: 4% (2 votes)
Voting remains open below:

Big Island residents can expect a bevy of new charges and fee increases as the county Department of Environmental Management strives to become financially self-sufficient. The department wants to create and raise fees to wean itself from the general fund, which is paid by property taxes…

…The most controversial so far is a “pay as you throw” plan that would phase in a per-bag fee of $2 to $2.50 for residential garbage. The program, to be phased in over three years, might be replaced with a line-item property tax increase in the face of public opposition… Your Rubbish Will Cost Cash

So I’ll run this poll and see what folks think:
[polldaddy poll=2319324]

9 Responses

  1. We should be paying for our waste- I’ve never lived in any other place that had free trash disposal, and Hawaii should finally catch up. The fee is fine: recycling should be mandatory (but free), and there would then be much less ‘refuse’ to have to pay for. But most importantly, the county will drop the ball on this by not forcing retailers and producers to minimize non recyclable packaging- that must go hand in hand with forcing people to pay for their rubbish disposal. Create less waste in the first place- that is the only real solution.

  2. Su Tucker,

    save that stinkey, smelly, magot magnet for a couple of months until you have a full two dollar bag of grime.

    This will make the county happy and our neighborhoods will smell like the transfer stations, just where are these bone heads coming from.

    Screw them all, burn baby burn.

    The Lack

  3. I am horrified to see this under consideration in Hawaii. I live in a town on the mainland that went down this road, where instead of biting the bullet and raising taxes, each portion of the town tried to become “self sufficient” and charge their users for the specific services they were getting.

    It was a horrible experience that didn’t end in success.

    For example, the transfer station went from a friendly, almost social place, to being known as the “dump nazis;” struggling small businesses paid thousands more a year to dump their trash; and many trash haulers went belly up too as fees increased. Lots of ill will generated to the public employees, and lots of unforeseen ripple effects throughout the community.

    The reality is, there are a lot of public services that have intangible, indirect benefits to the population as a whole, and should be paid by the population as a whole through real estate taxes. In the end, the whole island benefits when garbage is taken to the dump instead of thrown at the roadside, in the forest, or down some lava tube. Yes, in the past I was surprised that there was not more recycling going on in Hawaii, so I’m in favor of that, but if people are going to participate in recycling, the transfer stations need to be offering encouragement and support and welcome, which they will not be if they are trying to make each user pay bag by bag. This type of program ends up hurting a lot more than it helps, in my direct experience. Don’t do it!

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