Rescued Couple on CBS The Early Show

Yesterday I reported about the Seattle couple that was rescued by the Coast Guard and the Cruise Ship off of Hawaii.

This morning they were interviewed by CBS The Early Show from the television studios in Honolulu.


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  1. dear “the lack” —
    be careful who you call idiots. after all, you incorrectly wrote “loose” their boat, when “lose” their boat would have been correct.

    I was on the Golden Princess; he is an expert sailor, from a family of fishermen, and was on his first Alaskan Crab boat when he was 12!

    by the way, you can run into the very same conditions 20 miles offshore.

  2. I have seen these kind of people time and time again and there is only one word for them IDIOTS. If they loose their boat the rest of us will be better off, at least we don’t have to rescue them again, and again, and again, get a land job you people are not seamen.

    The Lack

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