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UH Alumni Foundation and Harris Connect What is Really Going On?

UH Alumni Association

I previously blogged about the UH Alumni Foundation emailing me trying to update their directory information.

Today I received the following email:

We are currently in the final stages of preparing University of Hawai’i Alumni Today, the first publication ever to feature directory listings along with photos and essays submitted by alumni. We need your help! A brief telephone call will ensure your listing is completely accurate and up-to-date.

Please, give us a call at your convenience this week so that we may verify your information with you.

CALL TODAY – TOLL FREE 1-866-874-7468
(Pacific Time)
Mon. – Fri. 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Sat. 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

International Residents: You may also call at:
USA Country Code (1) 757.965.8092
Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. UTC/GMT-8

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in making this publication a success. If you have already called, thank you for your quick response and your help. Please do not send updates in response to this message.

Mitchell Ka`aiali`i, BA '92, MBA '97

Mitchell Ka`aiali`i, BA ’92, MBA ’97
President 2008-10
University of Hawai’i Alumni Association
Janet Yoshida Bullard, BFA '82

Janet Yoshida Bullard, BFA ’82
Executive Director
University of Hawai’i Alumni Association

P.S. Harris Connect, LLC, a trusted partner of University of Hawai’i Alumni Association, has been chosen to produce our publication. Harris Connect’s commitment to protecting the privacy and ensuring the integrity of the information collected for the book is reflected in their privacy policy online at www.harrisconnect.com/privacy.html

I don’t know why UH is even dealing with Harris Connect in general.

Let me glean some quotes from the internet about this company:

Harris (should really be spelt HARASS) Connect is a sleazy would-be “publisher” of “alumni directories.” What they do is collect your private information from whatever schools you might have been affiliated with at some time in your life, then they pay “vendors” (a/k/a data-mining snoops) to harvest your current information. Then they call and write you and hound you to death, to “update” and “verify” your private data, so they can expand the NETWORK OF HARASSMENT. If you do not respond to their hounding calls and mailings, they will go ahead and PUBLISH YOUR PRIVATE DATA without your permission. Then they sell it to people who can in turn call or write or show up on your doorstep to harass you. They not only “publish” your information in soft and hardbound copies, but also CDs!

If you are tired of having your private data violated this way, call the School District office and tell them to STOP selling/sharing your information; and instruct Harris to get you out of their system.

Good luck.

PS Harris has many different contact phone numbers, including 800-877-6554, 877-625-4244, 757-965-8075, 800-927-8189. They need to learn how it feels to be harassed at all hours with nuisance calls and unwanted junk mailings, delving into their own private lives.


I received five (5) calls over the past week from this number. On two occasions, the callers said they were calling from “Harris Connect” and held for nearly three minutes. Like Susan, I think they are collecting data for my Alma Mater’s alumni directory as I have also been receiving postal mail urging me to “help them update” my directory entry for a publication which will sell for $1,000!!! I just registered my work number in the National Do-Not Call Registry at donotcall.gov and intend to file a complaint if they keep calling.


When you get a postcard in the mail that appears to be from your high school or college wanting your “current biographical information”, take a closer look.

Chances are good it’s not from your alumni association, but from an outfit in Virginia called “Harris Connect”.

Apparently some schools are stupid enough to release their alumni information to this company, which then gives them a kickback on any sales of their high-priced “directories”.

And if you enter the name of your high school followed by alumni, do you get to your high school website, or to a page run by some unknown company, that phishes for information?

Be careful. Just because some of your classmates are stupid doesn’t mean you have to follow.

Have your significant other give them a call and explain that you died of dengue fever while on a Habitat for Humanity mission with Jimmy Carter in Central America.

“Being ignorant is not so much a Shame, as being unwilling to learn.”
— Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1755

So needless to say… you anyone can do a quick search on Harrisconnect and scam/fraud as the keywords.

You can read my previous posts here:

Is UH Really Updating their Alumni Information

Update on the UH Alumni Directory Project

61 Responses

  1. Total scammers! I fell for the deal hoping to contact high school friends. I did receive a CD, but for the wrong years…

  2. Sounds like a lot of disgruntled employees to me

  3. We never heard of Harris till we ck our bank and there is a $55.00 chg from them.

  4. Harris is a pain in the ass. They start mailing their cards to some family member, they think nothing if it, and trash them. Then they start calling. So what I end up doing is contacting customer support and get that family member taken off their mailing lists. Some months pass and more postcards to another family member. Wash, rinse, and repeat. As you can see, most people don’t care about these directories. Personally, I think these directories are an abuse magnet, such as being used for junk mail lists. I’ve taken the step to remove my name from the directory entirely.

  5. First off, I never shared my information (address or phone number) with my school, so Harris would have had to do further research to get my information and apparently now have it. If I wanted to share personal information like my professional history or what I have done with my life, I would go to my class reunions. This is a business, so yes, they are trying to sell something. I am choosing to say no thanks.

  6. I happened upon this site trying to figure out what I got in the mail today–the postcard so many others have mentioned. Little did I know the treat I was in store for with all the bitching and counter-bitching by Harris employees! This “A. Smith” tool is the best! Reading through the comments as he gets more and more pissed off is priceless! He starts off somewhat reasonable, but quickly reverts to embittered talking points he obviously got from some manager during a “What to do when people say they’ve heard bad things about Harris” meeting. Amway rejects get similar “training”. In fact, perhaps the “A.” stands for Amway–would explain why he’s so angry. Works for two of the most reviled organizations around, lost the friend or two he had trying to sign them up, now clings to a shitty job at a dying, obsolete company. I guess I’d be bitter too. Scratch that, I’m not a total loser.

  7. you’re all idiots who clearly haven’t bothered to do any research. who actually contacted their university and/or high school and spoke to their alumni association? that’s what i thought. you should all not only be ashamed of yourselves (and your poor grammer skills, by the way) but of your complete and utter laziness/unwillingness to have faith in the insititutions from which you were educated. i wouldn’t claim you as an alumni from my school even if you begged me to accept your tuition checks. go do something better with your lives.

    • Poor grammar skills you say? Look who is talking, you are unable to capitalize in a sentence not to mention the spelling errors. Perhaps you slept through your English classes.

    • Spelling the word grammar wrong, priceless…..

    • I used to work here it is a scam. The Alumni books are nothing but listings with no photos and we hound people a million times so they can respond most of them respond because they get fed up with the ten calls a wk.

      • I’ve just spent the entire week at Harris Connect as a hired trainee. Not only was their trainer rude to me on the floor, but INACCURATELY graded the quiz and final exam which you had to pass with a 90%
        She deliberately failed me, and when i asked for a copy of my exam, I was escorted to the door and pushed literally out by the team leader!
        I did read the entire final test and there were ?’s on it that were accurate that were marked WRONG!

  8. They send me a post card (high school alumni) asking to call (1-800-927-6299–no longer vaild) and update information for upcoming directory, but after updating they suckered me into purchasing (7/20/11) a book (alumni directory) & as a thank you offered me a complementary 3 mos. subscription to people magazine. I called them back the very next day to cancel order because of the price, the lady very generously gave the books for half price ($43.43)…4 mos later another company (magazine service center) withdrew funds from my bank account ($117.00- 11/18/11). Immediately called them 1-800-607-9869 to refund my money. They told me I authorized this back on 7/21 for a 15 mos subscription. To make a long story short after they tried to cut me a “deal”…the money is supposed to be refunded within 72 hours.

    • You cannot get suckered into purchasing anything. No one held a gun up to your head and threatened you to buy it. What it was, and what most gullable people have, is buyer’s remorse. So be honest it’ll make you feel alot better.

    • lmao!! Really? Did they tell you the world was going to end if you didn’t buy the book? How do you get suckered into buying something you don’t want? That sounds like your problem.

  9. If there are such a fine, upstanding company, why is it when you look up their address in Google Earth 1511 Route 22, Brewster, NY10509 it is a service station?


    • People always feel like things are a scam when things are not free. If a company is asking for you to purchase a product, all of a sudden “Its a scam”. In all actuality they have to make a profit, the same as the company you work for. Yes there are sales tactics used, and all you have to do is politely say No, Thank You! They have a job to do just like yourself, hopefully you have a job! So next time don’t give the people such a hard time life is hard enough unless you’re of course a republican and then well nothing is hard for you.

  10. I am a former Harris Connect employee. Before I applied for the position I did my research. As far as legitimacy is concerned, the company is legit. Please, do not take my word for it. Do your own research.

    Harris Connect is a 3rd party company who is contracted by your High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Organizations, etc. because they do not have funding nor resources for contacting alumni to update their information. They do over 90% of directories in the U.S. They also do fund raising for schools as well.

    However, the company is misleading to a certain point. They send post cards to alumni asking to call and update information for upcoming directory, but they are not told they are going to be sold a book. The reps job is to glorify the directory so when they ask the customer their support, it makes it harder for the customer to refuse. There have been numerous complaints in regards to this. That’s good ol’ America… Love to buy things, but hate to be sold.

    They do get prior consent from customers to print information in the publication. If customer does not respond then they print as is. The information is all public so it is legal.

    From my experience, the main reason why people do not buy directories is Facebook. Why buy a directory when I can find the same information on Facebook. The directories are mainly used as a keepsake and for professionals to network. I have been told buy several managers, Facebook is the reason why the company is folding.

    There are times when we are trying to locate a customer, we receive a bad lead and call an individual with the same or similar name so some individuals perceive the company as a scam.

    There have been several former employees who lied to customers and quoted different prices. Some used credit card information for personal use, but they were all terminated.

    As far as employment, the company is a terrible place to work for. I tried getting a schedule to work around my school schedule. They refused. They stated you do not need an education if you work for Harris Connect. Why go to school when you can make more money working for us. So I did not enroll because I needed a job.

    The 1st 6 months were great. They treated me with respect and the money was great. After the 6 month, I would notice a lot of verbal abuse toward employees. My desk was near the director Thomas Weir’s office. I noticed he would base his actions on emotion. If he was in a bad mood and your not making your sales rate, YOUR FIRED!!! I felt like I was walking on pins and needles the whole time.
    He would yell at the supervisors if the team wasn’t making their sales rate. When they returned from their meeting our supervisors would yell at us.

    They fired so many employees, the site was under staffed so they mandated over time for 3 months in a roll and still continuing. I do not mind doing over time, but when it conflicts with my family its a problem. I bent over backwards for the company and they did nothing to work with me.

    If your having a bad day and not meeting your sales quota, they would send you to a meeting called ” Collaboration “. They would have several managers and sales reps listening to your calls. They would look for negative things to say about your calls and verbally abuse you. No positive re-enforcement what so ever. One time, they literally made a grown man cry.

    Hopefully this will clear up any confusion this forum may have about Harris Connect. Peace & Love….

    • this is all true, I worked their too. Seeing that you where near Thomas Weir’s office, we might have had the same cubicle. He fired me and to this day I refer to him as Thomas Qweir lol

    • I too am a former Harris Employee. I also can’t understand why they are even still in business with Facebook and other social networking media. It is a deplorable place to work – if you are making your numbers you are fine, but get called to “Calibration” (not collaboration) you are humiliated by the Napoleonic director Thomas Weir who finds joy in making a spectacle of you in front of your peers. I only had to go there twice, but that was enough. I was about to become part of the fund raising group when I was fired. Thank you for liberating me from a horrible company. Don’t spend your money. Find your friends on Facebook, tout your professional accomplishments on Linkedin and you’ll be much better off.

  11. Harris Connect has fraudulently taken funds from my checking account on four different occasions. I did not order a directory, did not attend the school they said I attended. How they got my checking account info, I have no idea. Put a stop payment on their withdrawals. Stop pay expired after six months. Here I go again, stop pay has expired and they have again (twice) stolen money from my account. Somehow, they go under the wire and avoid a Stop Pay?????? Even the Attorney General’s Office can’t stop these people. BEWARE!!!

    • If you never gave them your information then how were they able to get your checking account number…thats rather befuddling.

  12. Harris Connect is WELL KNOWN to be scam artists, and those claiming otherwise in the replies here are liars. The e-mails I get from them involve colleges I didn’t even attend. CLEARLY those colleges didn’t ask them to find out information about me, given that I’m not an alumnus. They also repeatedly harass. I’ve gotten no less than a dozen calls this week, and each time, I’ve asked not to be called anymore. I’ve explained each time that they have the wrong person, that I never attended the colleges they’re calling about, and that I’m on the NYS and Federal Do Not Call List. That has had no effect. They’re still bothering me on a daily basis. SCREW YOU, HARRIS CONNECT, YOU @#$%-ing SCAM-ARTIST SPAMMERS.

    • Everybody is not a f—– scam artist. The thing is you ignoramous’ fear being sold on something because you know you’ll buy it. American’s buy anything..

      • I believe you mean Americans (punctuation, spelling, and grammar count).

        • The only comeback that you had was to correct my grammar. So that further lets me know that you are one of the suckers who buy anything. I’m sure you are also one of the AMERICANS who spent Thanksgiving evening after stuffing your face and participated in the Black Friday shopping Bonanza! Why? Because you are a complete and ultimate idiot who will buy anything!

          • You obviously have to be a current employee such as management to be defending this poor excuse of a publisher. Even the way you defend Harris Connect is childish which is what this company is thiefs and con artists!

    • Do a little research, if you are on a do not call list they won’t call you. If you ask them to call and they don’t comply call their customer service department (800.877.6554, a quick google search would have given you that) or the bba!

    • The Do not Call list doesn’t automatically apply to Harris because they are working behalf an Institution/charity, and they are exempt.

      You would have to tell a Harris employee to add you to their Do not Call.

  13. I did a google search on Harris Connect to see what people are saying. I have been working there for 8 months now. I am also a full time early childhood dev major at UT Austin, as well as part time director at a licensed childcare center. My mother is on the board of directors for TX Higher Edu Coor Board, needless to say education and community involovement is very important in my family!

    I feel this part time position is an extension of being in the field of education. I would not be working here if I felt it was a scam or if I didn’t support it. I truly believe that alumnus or members of an organization should support their institutions. Who else will? I enjoy speaking to different people of all ages, listening to their stories/career goals or learning some history of the different schools or organizations.

    At Harris Connect, we are professional, we engage with people so you know we are real and we offer you the opportunity to reserve a copy of the books, they aren’t offered anywhere else and not mass produced for your privacy.
    Reps do get commission from the sale of the book, and recognized much like any other call center environment from any company.

    The only difficult part of the position is explaining who the company is while someone has a very ugly attitude, which is not my job. Do your research on the company, contact the school.Ii would if I felt uneasy about the project.

    My job is to simply update your information for the directory and reserve you a copy. If you don’t want to-no biggie.

    Tons of people hold on the line to obtain a copy, these books are very historical for many people, especially those who had relatives that went to the same school or if they are the first to go to college in their family.

    I speak to people who use the books for tracking family, alumni coordinators use them for updated information for reunions and functions. The updated info does go right back to the school/org. as well. There are many reasons to have one, because you don’t have a reason, doesn’t mean the company is a scam.

    People call and thank us because they appreciate what we do and then there are people who woke up upside down in their bed-or better yet, they got a post card in mail, call in and pass their bad attitude to the next person.

    Simply call us and ask to be omitted from the directory so we can take your name off the alumni listing if you do not want to be contacted or listed in the alumni book. No problem!

    Whatever you want to do just listen to the rep-so they can help you. When you hang up, another call comes in, so it is very hard to omit someone if I don’t have access to your account because someone else’s account is up….
    So let the rep help you to the best of their ability!

    Otherwise pray about it if really bothers you that much. I didnt write this message to be ugly, I do represent Harris Connect because I am an employee. I thank those who tried to explain what the company is.

    Have a happy holiday everyone-where ever you are!! God bless ;)

    • You’re a liar and an obvious plant. You’re not fooling anyone here.

    • “Who else will?” …What about Facebook? Linkedin? … among other social networking WEBSITES.. a printed hardcover of ever changing contact information seems a bit obsolete.. no? You seem a bit judgmental and negative yourself, I would adjust your attitude before saying that you officially represent a company… especially one currently under a lot of fire for justified concerns. I´d say.. just another reason to avoid Harris Connect at all costs.

      • Facebook is the main reason why Harris Connect is going under. Why buy a directory when you can find the same information on FB. The directories are more of a keepsake. Mostly for the older generation who do not use the internet. Also used for companies to solicit.

        • Facebook was around before Harris started trying to scam me.

          • I’m not a Harris advocate by any means, but Facebook was established in 04. Harris has been in business for over 45 years. If it was designed to be a scam, don’t you think they would of been caught by now? They do directories for over 90% of schools in the US. Most likely that directory you purchased was not the 1st one they did for your school.

    • I totally agree with you. If you don’t want to be in the book then say i don’t want to be in the book. if you dont want one then say i don’t want one. it’s just a friggin book by the way so clearly its not that serious. you guys are worried about a company doing an alumni book for your school and maybe having the wrong information … what about the big banks that are stealing money under your noses and you smile and whistle on your way to make a deposit. but they charge you to maintain your banking account and to even have an account. go figure, and workers there are directly dealing with your money. but you don’t trust someone who tries to update your information for a book for the school you paid thousands of dollars to attend. sickos.

      • I don’t think one should have to respond to an 800 # in order to be EXcluded, however. Once you call an 800#, they have your phone number.

        • Uhhhh..You all are scared, cowardly, homo’s and who would want your information. Oh i’m so scared. Why should I have to do this and why should I have to do that? Anytime you include your information on a public website it’s fair game idiots. So anyone can have the information. You are already included because the person in charge at your school or organization has given the company their files. If you are in their records then you are included in book. That is why you have to call to be EXCLUDED from being published in the book. The next time you decide to think, do mankind a favor and DON’T!

  14. […] I kept getting irritated by these emails I was getting and so I investigated a bit further about Harris Connect the company in question and in October I found out that this company isn’t as great as they make themselves out to be.  (UH Alumni Foundation and Harris Connect What is Really Going On) […]

  15. I called Harris Connect because I was interested in their offer, but I balked when they refused to show me an example of the product I was buying. They said they were making a book containing lists of Alums with their pictures and writings, but when I asked to see what I would be buying they refused.

    Some people here are saying Harris Connect is not a skam, but any company that won’t show you a past version of the product and expects you to pay upfront is suspicious. They supposedly offer a money back gurantee, but really! How many other fraudulent companies out there offer the same thing and then just don’t refund your money? LOTS!

    I would NOT recommend giving your credit card info to these guys, but I suppose there’s no harm in updating your info since your address and phone number are easily obtained through online white pages anyway.

    • I bought the softbound edition, and I liked it. The reason you don’t get to see it before you buy, is because the book hasn’t been published before they update everyone’s information. How are they going to have a finished product for you to view before they are done even updating all the information for it. My cousin got the collector’s edition, decided she didn’t like it and did get a refund, she had to pay for the postage to return it, but it wasn’t nearly as much as what she got back. If you aren’t interested in getting the book then tell them, yes they try hard to get you to buy, but they don’t scam you and they don’t lie. Just tell them up front you will verify your information but you don’t want the book if you aren’t interested.

  16. Harris only calls to update your information, if you’d just simply listen you would know. the first call is the last call, but if you don’t call they will assume your busy or have simply forgot. so they will call you. geesh, no one can read minds. The calls aren’t to harass anyone NOR is it to give out personal information. All publications are for members/alumni only!! To be listed is free and you can request to be omitted every 5 to 7 years. They are just trying to bring the affinity back into the bonds of organizations/schools. get over yourselves, you’re not that important.. they don’t ask for your SS# lol.

    • Dude, you’re clearly a plant. Stop lying–you’re fooling no one.

      • and u are clearly a simple minded, lonely masturbationist who feels that you are so important that they just want your information to stalk you. hahahahaha…really! get a life. or is it because you did not go to college which makes you so upset and them calling is a nasty reminder on how you failed at life. didnt make daddy proud huh? did you dishonor your family? where you the only one who dropped out of high school and became a food service worker…because clearly that is the only reason i could see you having a real problem with what they are trying to do.

        • Name calling. That’s effective. NOT.

          • The problem with you is clear. You didn’t have any further education to include in the book so you didn’t want your former classmates to know that you pretty much did nothing with your life. You probably are a minimum wage worker so there is no professional information to list for you. Your wife left you, you have no kids. Your comeback will also probably be more along the lines of actually I do have a blah blah blah and a blah blah blah blah only to rebuttal what I have said. So Thank You for proving the point that you and the fellow above are losers.

  17. Seriously people do some outside research. If you went to a school they taught you how to research a subject…so use your brains.
    Harris Connect is a third party acting on behalf of your school to help retain alumni information for the schools records. That is it. The work Harris Connect does is done a no charge to the institution so they provide an item for purchase to fund the project so your school can continue to have their records updated for free. If your institution could keep their records up to date they would. This is usually by fault of the individual alumni not helping the school update records.
    If you do not want to be contacted there are laws in place to help you with that. If you are unaware of these laws (most people are unaware) DO SOME RESEARCH!!! It all goes back to doing what your school taught you to do…Apparently your degree IS just a piece of paper.
    Also noted, if your school is asking for money it is because a lot of schools funding comes from donations. Wouldn’t you like to support the institution that taught you how to do what you do?

    • You’re not only a liar and an obvious Harris plant, you’re also rude and abusive. No wonder everyone hates your company.

      • He’s right. Do some research Landru. You were obviously one who purchased a directory and is very bitter about your experience with the Harris.

  18. A lot of the information in this post is misrepresented.

    In order for Harris to call you, your alma mater has contracted with them to help compile alumni data for a directory. It is always done with the consent and permission of your alumni office/alumni organization. Your school shares information, and Harris goes about confirming alumni contact information.

    The contracting school does not receive any kick-backs from Harris, although Harris DOES attempt to sell copies of the directory/CD-Rom (alumni are under no obligation to buy, and it allows your alumni office to collect mailing address/life updates on its alumni from Harris free of charge for all the labor Harris provides. Harris profits through sales of the directory or CD, but alumni can usually access similar information for free on the school’s web site).

    Many alumni enjoy having a directory, but few alumni offices have the resources to do the legwork on their own for tens of thousands of individuals. So, they contract out to Harris.

    You always have the right to refuse to have information published, although copies are only sold to other alumni and the CD is programmed to prevent individuals from being able to create spreadsheets or produce any mass email or address lists. Both Harris and your alumni association value your private information, and DO NOT sell it to outside vendors. (Check out the Harris privacy policy on their web site.) The CD directories are encrypted to prevent mass emails or mailing. Instead, a fellow alumnus is able to look up address one at a time.

    The reason schools contract with Harris is NOT to have them harass alumni or steal your identity. Rather, it is a way to provide a service to alumni that allows them to network/keep in touch with fellow classmates. Occasionally we receive reports that alumni felt pressured by the selling tactics of the Harris employees, but those reports are a very small percentage of the total alumni served. And you can always say “no thanks” to the sale or publishing of your contact info. Those who do share their information–and most alumni do–DO NOT have their information misused or sold to others, regardless of whether they purchase the directory.

    • …Those who do share their information–and most alumni do–DO NOT have their information misused or sold to others…

      And so what about the percentage of alumni that do have their information sold to others?

      • that person was saying most alumni do share their information, and when they do their information isn’t misused or sold to others, reread that sentence. There is a warning inside the books, which are copyrighted, about what the information can be used for. If it is used illegally not only do you, but Harris Connect and your school, can sue that person.

    • You folks from Harris aren’t fooling anyone. Everyone here knows of your company’s reputation as scammers.

    • All I know is that I was told that the fee for the book of directory (soft cover) $ 20.00 and instead I was billed two payments of $47.97 and I have not recieved any book, but I was refunded $30.00 by check because I didn’t trust them with my credit card info. I don’t know if this company is legitimate but I don’t feel comfortable with my expirenced, and the return check bank is from JP Morgan Chase Bank from New York. I’m afraid to deposit it because of the bank info including bank account # when you try cashing or depositing the check.

      • What a bunch of rude negative people. If you have any clue what an alumni directory is for you would have a light bulb go off! Its to help reconnect and network. Most older alumni do not go online to “catch up” and this is the only way of doing so. Harri s connect has been in business for over 45 years and would not still be in the same business is there was a “scam” going on. Yes, Im a proud “At home” worker and can say that this company has honored and respected all employees and customers.

      • The $20.00 fee was actually a rebuttal used by sales the reps. Once the customer refuses the initial offer they go into the 2nd offer which is the soft cover for $20 LESS. Most customers do not actively listen until they go into the recap at the end of the call. Some sales reps will be try to talk fast at the end so you don’t realize what you have purchased until you get your bank statement. There is a 30 day money back guarantee once you receive your directory. You can get a refund back on the product purchase price, not the S&H.

      • I got the softbound edition too, I’m sure you didn’t hear right, they definatly told me the it was $20.00 less then the collector’s, not only $20.00, and at the end of the call they broke the total down for me so I’d know what it was. Maybe you weren’t listening.

        • Lol only a Harris Connect mgmt team would know the difference btwn the soft and collectors edition. Quit defending this worthless company. I attest to it this company is a scam! I used to work there!

  19. Hi, Damon — my Alpha Female (a UH grad) has been getting these cards and phone calls for a few weeks recently. I got them last year, purporting to be from my old Midwestern high-school, trying to get info from myself and my older sister. I did some of the same research and can confirm that your info is correct.

    And I never responded to them either. If you get the calls, don’t answer (thank you, Caller ID); if you get the cards, shred ’em.

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