The Ugliest Gecko in Hawaii

I just noticed this gecko on the side of my wall and it’s got to be the ugliest damn gecko I’ve ever seen.

Ugly Gecko

He obviously looked good enough to some critter as he dropped his tail somewhere along the line and it’s now growing back.

I think this buggah is gonna die pretty soon… it looks so sickly.

Ugly Gecko

3 Responses

  1. You have too much time on your hands, bruddah.

  2. Thanks for the nature photos you often include…. True he/she isn’t very cute. I did not know that their tails grow back. And I did not know the gold-dust geckos are invasive … Learn something new.

  3. I hope he lives — I think he’s a native! The gold-dust geckos are cute no doubt, but they’re invasive.

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