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Potato Progress

Three months ago I mentioned that my ohana started growing some potatoes and this picture below was the start of the project.

Potatoes 7/9/09

Project Start 7/9/09


Well they aren’t ready yet, but they sure have took off:

10/11/09 Pretty Soon

10/11/09 Pretty Soon

I even have learned that some of the varieties produce a little flower.

I didn't know potatoes had flowers

I didn't know potatoes had flowers

I guess we had the buckets to close together as they are starting to get intertwined, but no matter… you don’t eat potato leafs do you?

Mixed Potatoes

Mixed Potatoes

As long as they stay on our side of the fence, we will be eating french fries soon enough.



3 Responses

  1. Yes, we Filipinos eat sweet potato plant leaves :) we call it “talbos ng camote” :)

  2. Damon, I second Leslie’s comment. We eat them. They are related to Chinese water spinach or kang kong (Phil.) and can be cooked the same ways.

  3. Damon, people do eat sweet potato leaves! I glanced at the Internet quickly (so you’d believe me) and here are a couple resources and suggestions for how to cook them:


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