Thirty Meter Telescope to Sponsor WordPress Bloggers

TMT and WordPress

Media Release:

In a stunning move today, the Thirty Meter Telescope announced an alliance with WordPress Bloggers.

WordPress Project spokesman Nick states:

Between the WordPress Bloggers and the Thirty Meter Telescope… We look forward to working with the TMT

Well It’s not April… But I may have gotten a few of you!

If you look closely at the TMT Dome… You will see that I inserted the WordPress Logo into it somewhere.

I’m gonna try and win this contest: “Support Hours and WordPress Logo Fun

One Response

  1. Dude, you can be such an ….

    My heart skipped a beat — such innovation! Such courage! Such out-of-the-box thinking!! Such LEADERSHIP! Chuck Blue is a genius! A miracle-worker! He can move mountains! How did he overcome that academic culture??! My God!!!!!

    But no. And I had to go and wait for my Web browser to pop up and everything. Not happy.

    Anyway, happy to see TMT on Twitter at least. There should probably be a Facebook page out there, too.

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