The Hawaii Coqui Frog Blog

Well I learn something new every day.


I just came across another Big Island Blog called the Hawaii Coqui Frog Blog where people can post frog horror stories:

An invitation to YOU, Hawaii residents to share your personal experience managing invasive coqui habitat in your neighborhood. A resource for education and empowerment: We welcome your success stories, suggestions and struggles toward the goal of community coqui control. Thank you.

It looks like it started up in August of this year and has 21 posts on it so far.

A few quick excerpts:

It’s now mid-2009 and while legions of coqui frogs screech and squeal on all sides of us, closing in alarmingly, our Kona Paradise subdivision remains heavenly quiet at night due to the undying diligence of our residents. We have had a few frogs pop up, but most have been quickly been eliminated, as frog squads were immediately out in force…

I can’t make these things up:

…I pulled over and actually saw a frog jump along the ground. There must be 1000’s of da buggahs…

I have to applaud this community for at least attempting to take action:

…When a frog is heard I am called or emailed. I then make the phone calls or send emails to mobilize a neighborhood posse of people…

So check out the Hawaii Coqui Frog Blog and let’s all do our part to eradicate them to the best of our ability.

Here is that picture of the Coqui eggs that I found in my yard back in July.


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