Mayor Kenoi to Veto Tent Bill Tomorrow… Councilwoman Naeole’s Pre-Response

I received the following email from Councilwoman Naeole this afternoon and I’m just passing it along:


September 27, 2009

Aloha Damon

Monday morning the Mayor is going to veto Bill 103, the tent ordinance.  I will not be available tomorrow so I thought I would give you a heads up in advance.

This is my statement in response to the Mayor’s Veto:

From the very beginning, I wanted Bill 103, the tent ordinance, to be island wide. In the spirit of compromise with fellow council members, Brenda Ford and Dominic Yagong, who had objections about this ordinance being in their district and for fear of, according to Yagong, ‘tent cities springing up in my district’ I agreed to make Bill 103 district specific.  It is this very compromise that our Mayor takes issue with and I respect the Mayor for that thought because my intention from the very beginning was to write an amendment to the building code not just for Puna but for everyone on the island who is serious about building their dwelling.

The Mayor has made it very clear that he considers this island as one and to sign this bill would be to set precedence that could give an opening for the County Council to design district specific legislation to suit their specific needs.  The Mayor indicated to me that he is in agreement with the intention of Bill 103 in that it solves a challenge to home building and ownership and yet he must veto it anyway because it is not for the whole island.

Will there be another attempt to bring the matter before the people?  As for the future, will I try again?  It is too soon to say.

I would like to thank those who worked with my office on this issue and you know who you are.

Our island community is a unique place.  As for bill 103, it is an attempt on my part to put mercy compassion and understanding into a portion of our code.

Again, I want to thank my cousin, our Mayor, for watching over the interest of the entire island.

Damon I am in Honolulu all day Monday and will not be available for comment that is why I had my staff type this up and get it to you so you can have my thoughts on the matter.

Lau Lima,

Emily I. Naeole

Council Member 5th District

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