Open Message to Rod Thompson… Treasurer of the Big Island Press Club

I guess the September Gleaning has some interesting words about me…

When I catch a copy of it… I will be commenting on it!

Remember in July… I did post the following:

“Big Island Press Club Out to Get Me”

Big Island "Honcho" Rod Thompson

Big Island Press Club "Head Honcho" Rod Thompson

Question Rod…?

Do you not think I have saved every email sent from you  to me since that date?

Now you are going to make Gleanings about bloggers, and me having the password to the BIPC site when I WAS ASKED BY THE BOARD TO HELP WITH THE SITE!

Pfft… I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

I hope a “Blogger” takes the VP slot of the BIPC.

Rod… you struck a nerve…

Your ink has dried up buddy… you can’t even write a blog… yet you criticize us who do?

From my understanding… I can find two facts wrong in the gleanings and when they do come my way… I will be pointing them out…

Care to talk?

Just a Weasel Blogger here on the Big Island… Pfft

Damon Tucker

3 Responses

  1. I’m going to subscribe to follow up comments just to see if Dave Smith is going to say what I think he’ll say.

  2. Pfft!! In case Tiffany needed further clarification on the “shady” remark I made about BIPC on her blog some time ago, here it is.

    He can hate but not participate?….. lame.

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