Damon Tucker on the @SocialBlade Show 4:00 Today Hawaii Time

The Social Blade Show

Well the heat from the @alohaarleen scandal still continues to linger on.

I have been asked to participate on the “Social Blade Show” today about the @alohaarleen scandal.

The “Social Blade Show” posted the following blog about the scandal:

The Dark Side of Social Media – Your Thoughts?

…As in the case of the well know Twitterer, @AlohaArleen a.k.a Arleen Anderson, who has been accused of stealing from the Special Olympics of South Dakota. According to various blogs by Twitter users that have beenĀ  or know of others who have been tricked into giving their money under false pretenses. What are your thoughts?

Tune in this Thursday September 17th 2009 at 7pm pacific/10pm eastern for The Social Blade Show.

Through their twitter account, they contacted me and asked if I would participate in today’s show.

It should be interesting, it’s totally unscripted so I’ll probably end up looking stupid on it.

They will be calling me shortly before going on the air today around 3:30 so check it out today at 4:00 PM Hawaii Time.

The Social Blade Show

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