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Where’s the Aloha… Arleen (II)

Well I mentioned the other day that the infamous Twitter user named @alohaarleen scammed the Special Olympics organization of South Dakota, her Ex Boyfriend, as well as comedian @andybumatai.

Well today I was at the Big Island Internet Society Meet and Greet at Big Island Pizza and someone walked up to me and said… “You know what, AlohaArleen scammed me as well”.

He then showed me these two checks that he has not been able to cash:

Arleen Check 1

And this small check which was just to cover some basic expenses that he also cannot get cashed.

Arleen Check 2

After looking at the checks that were presented here on page 6 of this document and looking at the signatures, I have no doubt that it’s the same person.

I also have talked to a few other folks that have talked about how bogus she is.

Where’s the Aloha… Arleen?

Arleen Anderson AKA @AlohaArleen

Aloha Arleen Anderson

10/15/09 UPDATE:

Checks were presented to the bank again and the account is closed:

5 Responses

  1. I also dumped this follower right away; she struck me as a spammer. Twitter is not about broadcasting, it should be about engaging. I’m so sorry for the fellow who is out $240!

  2. Interesting. Also not surprising she likely cheated in the Shorty Awards as well. There were a bunch of Twitter accounts that had only 2-4 tweets where the 2nd or 3rd was a vote for her.

  3. […] forward about Arleen Anderson are a felony conviction for stealing from the Special Olympics, passing bad checks, defaulting on a loan, being a bad renter, and numerous civil suits against her.   All in all, […]

  4. I had to remove Arleen from my Twitter as she is all about Arleen. A new tweet every 20 seconds ….
    She was way over board for me.

  5. Looks like it’s time for all folks to gather for a class action suit.

    Check the RICO on fraud or other fraud laws.

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