Hawaii County Newsletter… Online or is It?

Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop and Mayor Kenoi

Public Information Specialist Hunter Bishop and Mayor Kenoi

According the Mayors Office website:

New mayor’s newsletter available online

Well, I see the mayor still has a lot to learn as it actually isn’t available “Online”.

It still needs to be downloaded from the Counties site in a .PDF format which can be found here:

Let’s Get it Done

Now for the real question… why is the Mayor’s office still wasting so much time creating and developing .PDF files so that they can be disseminated in a paper format?

Paper waste is nothing but a waste of taxpayer dollars and I see no reason why this Newsletter can’t just be done online to save a heck of a lot of money.

I could have created that Newsletter and had it published and sent out to millions using my blog and Twitter all within about 2 hours.

Are they planning on also spending money mailing these out to folks?

I just don’t get it sometimes.

We have a Mayor that has a college degree and is open to social media I assume yet they don’t take the time to learn the tools to use it effectively.

When will our county government get it?

I’d like to point out something from the Hilo Living Blog today “Report on Waikiki and Hawaii Writers Conference“:

Many of the sessions at the Writers conference discussed the transition the book publishing industry is in today. In the past, publishers have relied on newspapers to channel their books to market…

The internet is the becoming a new avenue for publishers and authors to gain access to readers and let them know about newly published books. The result is that an author’s blog readership, web site hits and even twitter followers are becoming new metrics for the publishing world to define the potential audience size for a book that could translate into sales. If an author has a platform or potential audience of book buyers that is big enough, a publisher is more likely to sign book deal…


5 Responses

  1. Why waste so much MEGABYTES flying around the Counties Network???

    A simple HTML based website would also save on County Resources.

    It does tie up the Bandwidth when you have 1000 employees all trying to open up a half Megabyte file.

    You could have them all going to a simple website or blog w/ the same content… done at less time… less cost… and less resources as well as less time trying to download silly .PDF files.

  2. Quit splitting hairs. If that pdf is not available online, what is it? When I click on the link, it appears in my browser window. If that’s not viewing it online, what is it?

    They could have added a separate Web page for the newsletter, but the pdf format makes it easier for people to send it to others or to print it out if they so choose.

    Lots of things available on the Internet are in pdf form. Lots. Download ’em all the time. Even create them sometimes from Web site information for ease of handling.

    You’re right on one thing. You just don’t get it sometimes.

    • If it were “online” you would not need to “Download a .PDF” file.

      The problem lies for people who want to view these type of things with mobile devices.

      Believe it or not… I don’t stay home and sit on my computer all day. I can blog, tweet, facebook…. etc… all on my phone from anywhere in the world.

      I can’t download HUGE .PDF files.

      • The pdf file is less than a megabyte in size, which is not exactly huge. And how many people use mobile devices to view newsletters? I’ve heard many complaints about how hard it is to scroll around in such things.

        • Most of my friends with mobile devices WOULD read newsletters if they were in a standard ONLINE format.

          Have you ever tried to download a half megabyte on a Google or iPhone?

          Well, the complaints about scrolling around are from people who don’t know how to use their phone effectively. I have no problem scrolling around or making the fonts large enough so I can read them at a distance.

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