Three Hours = Lockjaw

I went to the dentist today and anyone that knows me… knows that I’m the biggest baby when it comes to them.

Staring at something I dread

Staring at something I dread

I’m having crowns put in on some teeth on my back upper left side of my mouth and the dentist did the first part today and put a temporary crown on.

I really thought I was only going to be there for maybe an hour or so… but I didn’t realize until I got up from that chair… that I had been there for three hours with my mouth pried open by some block that kept my mouth from closing.

Still in the chair

Still in the chair

I now have serious lockjaw and I can barely even open my mouth.

I think I’m the first person to ever tweet their dental experience from my dentist’s office.  I’m amazed he actually knew what Twitter was though.

Here is my Tweets from the dentist.  I would have tweeted more… but I was in too much pain.

At my favorite place in the world… the dentist preparing to get a crown about 8 hours ago

Not where anyone wants to be about 7 hours ago

I fear these with a passion about 7 hours ago

Still under! about 6 hours ago

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  1. No, you are the SECOND biggest coward! I’m first. I guess that is where your phobia comes from. Too bad the BI does’t have dentists who specialize in cowards… gas us until we don’t give a darn.

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