Margaret Wille Taking on the County Charter… Live Streaming of Council Meetings on the Agenda

Margaret and her Dog

I’d just like to draw everyone’s attention to Margaret Willes latest post, My Suggested Amendments to the County’s Charter (its Constitution): To Increase Transparency, Accountability, Public Participation

This lady is looking to really shake things up down at the County and it’s for the benefit of all of us living on this island and I think we should really be thankful for the hard work that she has put in investigating the laws that needed to be researched to put forth these amendments to the charter.

While everything she suggests is great, I’d like to bring attention to the following issues as they are something that I have been talking about before.


1. All required notices of public meetings shall be placed on the County website within the period that notice of that meeting is required.

2. All proceedings of policy making boards, including the County Council, the Planning Commission, and Charter Commissions, shall be broadcast live on the internet as well as made available “on demand” within 48 hours on the County’s website- subject to where that is not possible or inappropriate (for example executive sessions would not be broadcast; or if the internet feed is lost).

I do encourage you to read her entire post and the other suggestions that she is making.

I have been wanting these council meeting streamed for quite some time and it would certainly benefit us all in the community if the Charter changed to adopt at least this for us community members.

You can view the meeting documents for the September 11, meeting here:

COMM 26 Frances Wong on Council Members
COMM 27 Lono Tyson Environmental Management
COMM 28 From Jay Kimura
COMM 29 From Jan Pakele
COMM 30 From Margaret Wille
COMM 31 Ad Hoc Committee Report EWH Misc Files
COMM 32 Ad Hoc Committee Reapportionment Report
COMM 33 Council Terms.pdf

Legal Question: Why is The County of Hawaii Paying for Mayor Kim’s Car Accident and Not an Insurance Company?

County settles case involving ex-mayor for nearly $100K

A car crash caused by former Mayor Harry Kim when he was in office will cost Big Island taxpayers $99,500, said the county attorney handling the case…

…Kim said he was driving his county-owned 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV back to Hilo from Keaau when he was distracted by a tailgating driver. In an effort to get out of the motorist’s way, Kim said he turned left onto West Palai Street, a route he seldom takes…

I’m just tossing this question out here, but I would assume that the County keeps their cars insured for accidents.  Why are we the taxpayers footing this $99,500 bill?

New Big Island Blog Devoted to College Football Scouts

I just stumbled across the following blog, “Island Built Athletes Videos“.

They currently have videos of the following three Big Island Football Players:

Koa Ambrosia and Chris Reed from Honokaa, Onipa’a Stevens from HPA.

It’s a fairly new blog.  It looks like they also have flash videos  of the following,  Keli’i Kekuewa from Kamehameha, and Kelson Kawai from Kohala.

I love football and it’s great the Big Island has such a bunch of talented kids.

Another good site that shows the entire state of Hawaii’s 2010 High School Football talent is “Pacific Athletic Alliance” site Hawaii High School Football Class of 2010.

Hawaii County Council Terms to be FOUR YEARS No Staggering of Elections?






The Ad Hoc Committee formed to investigate the possibility of amending Article III Section 3-2 of the Hawai’i County Charter consists of Chairperson Alapaki Nahale-a and members Daphne Honma, Joseph Kealoha, and Todd Shumway.
The Committee discussed and considered, among other things, if the composition of the county council should remain as one member from each of the nine districts, if council terms should increase from two years to four years, what the council term limits should be if the term of office was increased from two to four years, and if staggered terms should be utilized if council terms are extended from two to four years.

After thoughtful deliberation, the Committee recommends that the charter be amended to extend council terms from two years to four years and in conjunction that term limits be decreased from four terms to two terms. Your Committee also recommends that elections for council not be staggered and that all council seats are up for election every four years.

Although your Committee was in favor of the concept of staggered terms, they believe that reapportionment could create an untenable situation whereby two sitting council members could end up residing in the same council district. We believe having all seats up for election every four years resolves this conflict.

COMM 33 Council Terms.pdf

Local Football Star Turned NFL Player Killed Police Say Speed, Alcohol Factors In Crash

Jesse Mahelona

Local football star turned NFL pro Jesse Mahelona was killed in a one-car crash on the Big Island early Saturday.Police said the crash happened on Kealakehe Parkway just east of Queen Kaahumanu Highway before 1 a.m…

More Here

Jessea and Llana

Jesse and Liana (just a friend)

“What’s a Birthmark?”

I caught my son looking at his birthmark on his shoulder today, and I asked him, what are you looking at… and he said he got dirty.

I said where’s the dirt, and he pointed at his birthmark on his shoulder.  I guess this is the first time he’s actually looked downward at that direction and actually been able to see it.  I told him it’s a birthmark and he’s had ever since he was a baby, however, he didn’t believe me.

I asked him what he was going to do about his “Dirt” on his shoulder.  He told me he was going to wash it off tonight when he took a shower.

I said… well I hope you scrub real hard.

He is pretty convinced that it will come off in the shower tonight… so I took this picture of it just to prove it to him.

You can see the little speck of "Dirt" on his shoulder here

You can see the little speck of "Dirt" on his shoulder here

Kandoo and Lifelock


The owner of the Kandoo Watersports operation that was trying to set up business off Waikiki is in a bunch of trouble.


The problem is the dude is in a bunch of trouble with his former company called lifelock.


maynard robert

In other LifeLock news, the ocean adventure company started by LifeLock’s founder, Robert J. Maynard Jr. (pictured above), appears to have hit an iceberg. You remember Maynard Jr — he’s the guy we exposed back in 2007 for telling a tall tale about how he came up with the idea for LifeLock (and how the Federal Trade Commission had banned him from the credit industry — for life).

Maynard Jr. reportedly forgot that insurance would be a critical factor in the business, which involved taking tourists out on the ocean to go diving or sailing. It seems like once the insurance bill got paid, there weren’t enough clams left over to pay the 200-plus employees.
Maynard claims to have invested $9 million in the business, called KanDoo!, and intends to keep it afloat through these rough waters…

Full article here

Unexplained Phenomenon


Unexplained Phenomenon?

You tell me… what is google trying to portray with it’s Google image today?

Could it be one of the UFO’s A Pacific View has taken recently on the Big Island?

UFOA Pacific View: UFO Over Mauna Kea

ufo_blastingA Pacific View:  Sleepy Astronomer Witnesses UFO Weapon Test

ufo kalapanaA Pacific View: Mysterious “Thing” Over Kalapana

Unexplained Phenomenon… I’ve always believed that their are No Accidents and that things happen for a reason… But that’s just me.