Adrian Klemm Joins SMU Football Staff with June Jones

I had German Literature with Adrian Klemm at UH back in 1999.  We both hated that class.

Adrian and I used to sit in the back of the class and pretty much just BS the whole class cause we really didn’t understand all the Goethe and Faust stuff that our professors were talking about.

Playing for the Green Bay Packers

Playing for the Green Bay Packers

For me, it was a good chance to ask him about his plans for the NFL as it was well known he was going to be a high draft pick.

I’m stoked to find out today that he has landed a job with SMU under his former coach at UH June Jones

Adrian Klemm's Facebook Profile

Adrian Klemm's Facebook Profile

For a man of his stature and impressive resume, Adrian Klemm speaks with a humble and calm tone. But, there is no denying his skill or his passion for the game.

Klemm joins SMU football as one of the last coaches added to head coach June Jones’s coaching staff. Klemm will be in charge of the offensive line, and as a former offensive tackle, he knows best that the position is not the most famous. Still, the five men in front of the quarterback are essential to the team and Klemm himself once starred in that position on a dynasty football team…

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