Alien vs. Predator on the Big Island?

No… it’s not what you are thinking.  It is looking like the Big Island may be used as a filming location for parts of the filming of Predator 4.


Tim Ryan is reporting over at his blog Reel Hawaii:

Scouts for 20th Century Fox’s $40-million creature feature are back on the Big Island for their third week of scouting Hawaii most of it where a lot of jungles have been looked at. The production would film for 18 days with an October start if the Hawaii portion is a go. That decision is expected to be made very soon…Some Hawaii production execs are being contacted about availability…

This will be the  alien-hunter franchise’s first solo outing since 1990. The dreadlocked menace, who first appeared in a Central American jungle stalking Arnold Schwarzenegger and friends in 1987, has had other two solo features…

Full Article Here

2 Responses

  1. Just a couple of random thoughts: Dreadlocks/Puna…somehow that seems like a style that might blend in nicely. The Governator of Cal-ee-for-nee-ya is pretty busy these days with budget matters…not getting my hopes up to see him face off (scuse the pun) again with that butt-ugly rasta-alien dude.

  2. I hope the BI gets the call. Good luck.

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