Revenge of the Thuds… Body Mutilation

Well the “Thuds” that I have previously blogged about really got back at me this morning.

Avocado Tree

I grabbed our fruit picker to pick some of the avocados


However, I still couldn’t reach the avocados, so I grabbed a brick to stand on…


…And I was just barely able to reach the fruit and I was taking a couple swipes at the buggah… when the brick suddenly flipped over sending me crashing to the ground having my leg smash onto the brick.

And here is the damage:


Damn Thuds!

Not only is it a nasty little wound… it hurts like spit!

I still wasn’t able to get that avocado!

5 Responses

  1. nice one!

    • Rudedogg…

      If I wanted my body to be mutilated in any normal sense… I would get a tattoo from your shop… but you already know how much of a wimp I am.

      I don’t need these damn unnatural scarification’s on my body!

  2. It looks pretty nasty. Hope you put something on it. And hurts like spit? I haven’t heard that one in ages.

    Get better soon!

  3. Ouch!!!

  4. Ouch! And to think I was standing on a similar rock at the back of our yard to pick mangoes yesterday. Time to get the pole, with the extensions, out of the garage, skip the rocks & bricks and keep my feet on the ground.

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