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Gecko Meets Coqui

This is kind of interesting.

Would a gecko eat a coqui if the glass wasn’t separating them?


2 Responses

  1. The geckos all start out as little tiny frogs that could be easily ingested by a normal sized gecko.

    Now the question… is it happening and we just don’t know about it yet?

  2. Interesting, indeed. Seems like this question could be answered fairly easily but to be a fair test the coqui would need to be small enough for the gecko to ingest and the gecko would need to be “as per usual” with regard to access to other food sources, not starved. The natural experiment is probably happening all over Puna, all the time. Has anyone observed the outcome firsthand?

    If it turns out geckos do eat coquis then I wonder if a predator-prey population cycle like that between lynx and snowshoe hares will eventually come to pass?

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