Big Island Currently Hosting “Pacific Endeavor” Workshop for Testing Military Communications and Information Systems

It’s pretty cool that are own Military is embracing social media, blogs, and twitter. I recently started following the @PacificCommand tweets and I asked them to let me know of any Big Island operations that might be going on.

It was nice to see that they were very responsive and actually sent me a link to their blog the U.S. Pacific Command to show that some action is going on now that I didn’t know about.

“More than a dozen countries from throughout Asia-Pacific will be represented when Pacific Endeavor, a workshop designed to allow opportunities for the testing of compatibility and interoperability of military communications and information systems, begins Aug. 10 on Hawaii’s Big Island

…In addition to the U.S., participating countries include: Australia; Bangladesh; Indonesia; Japan; Maldives; Malaysia; Mongolia; Nepal; New Zealand; the Philippines; Singapore; South Korea; Sri Lanka; and Thailand…

Full blog posting here at the U.S. Pacific Command Blog

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