A NEW PUNA BLOG… A New Puna Hair Cut!

Well it looks like Dr. James Weatherford has announced his new blog called “James Weatherford“.

I will be adding his blog to the FBI Blogs for now.

It is my understanding that he will be running for Hawaii County Council District 5 seat, so if he does decide to run and officially files papers to run, I’ll need to remove him from the FBI Blogs at that time as I will not allow politicians or candidates to be a part of the FBI Blogs.

Welcome to the blogging world Dr. Weatherford.

If you do decide to run for office… best of luck with that as well as I admire anyone that takes it upon themself to run for public office.

So everyone check out Dr. Weatherford’s Blog at least to check out his new haircut!

2 Responses

  1. Surfer Girl –

    I know that the individual bloggers themselves will be blogging about their favorite candidates enough as it is.

    I don’t want candidates also blogging about themselves on the site.

    I may and probably will re-evaluate the policy after the elections.

    The site is hard enough now to maintain as it is… If I tried to add all the political blogs that I see forthcoming this election season… my work would be cut out for me.

    I don’t get paid for the FBI Site and it doesn’t have ads or sponsor to help the site out.

    I have a method to this madness.

    I have also been asked why I don’t put message boards or some other island blogs on the site.

    Simply because the FBI Blogs is for INDIVIDUAL Bloggers and not sites that are “Contributory”.

    Hope this clarifies anything but feel free to ask if you have any further questions.

  2. Mahalo for letting us know about Dr. Weatherford’s blog!
    How come you won’t put him on the FBI blog? What’s the big deal?
    Can’t you just make a separate category for politicians? It would be a great public service. Just saying.
    Yeah, yeah, I know its your blog.

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