Puna Community Medical Center Seeing Rise in Flu-Like Illnesses… Swine Flu?

Two weeks ago I mentioned a possible Swine Flu exposure at Montessori Schools in Pahoa.

The following was posted today on Punaweb by Dan Domizio of the Puna Community Medical Center.


In the past 3 weeks, we have seen many adults and children with a “FLU-LIKE” illness with the following characteristics; rapid onset, high fever (ADULTS with temps of 103 and 104!); adults more knocked down than children; gradual waning of temp (over 2-3-4 days) to “low grade”; shifting to more typical picture of a cold with runny nose and cough. Some folks have had nausea, some with vomiting, gradually shifting to loose stools or frank diarrhea for a day or so.

MOST folks go through the entire process in 7-10 days; back to school or work in 3-4 days. NO SPECIFIC TREATMENT (antibiotic) is available to stop this process; you deal with the headache and fever, with the cold symptoms and the cough, you rest, eat lightly, drink a lot of water or tea or juice, and get well. Only people with asthma, or smokers, have needed additional management.

Could this be H1N1 (“swine flu”)? Yes, it could be, but that does not change anything about how it is managed. Influenza is viral and self limited; only those with previous respiratory disease, the frail elderly, pregnant women, and infants are at increased risk of SECONDARY problems.


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