West Hawaii Today’s Popshot at the FBI Blogs?

I’d like to point out RJ Mendoza’s blog posting this morning “Parasites, Perspective, and Aunty Felicia

RJ Writes:

…Is there a particular reason why this column is in today’s print version of West Hawaii Today?

Should I be quoting? Ah hell, I’ll quote this piece:

Why? A big reason is what economists call free-riding. Practically anyone can start a Web site and get software that snags fresh online news from those who originate it. Web site owners pluck the freshest, most interesting reports and quickly post condensed rewrites. That costs them little, and they then surround the rewrites with cut-rate ads.

I find this hilarious!  I find it even more hilarious that I actually said that sometime this week that WHT would be taking a popshot at bloggers in an email I made to someone on the BIPC because of my REED FLICKINGER POST shortly after the BIPC Meeting.

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  1. Think the HTH is going to take a potshot at bloggers next?

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